Ever worried your horse is getting a bit hot under the collar while you’re at work? Or feared you under rugged and the evening has suddenly turned chilly? Or maybe you’re travelling with your horse and sense he’s becoming uncomfortable?

With unpredictable British weather making it next to impossible to know whether or not to rug, your horse is likely to have experienced a period of discomfort at some point in its life, which resulted in a loss of well-being or performance.

But with Orscana, this needn’t be the case anymore. A new equine sensor and comfort monitor that alerts you when your horse is uncomfortable or unsettled is now available to buy!

Simply download the app, sync the sensor with your phone, attach the sensor to the underside of the rug, then await notifications letting you know how your horse is getting on, whether in the field, stable or trailer.

Not only will Orscana monitor the temperature under the rug and alert you if your horse is out of its comfort zone, it will analyse horse activity 24 hours a day, recording periods of rest and periods of high activity or disturbed behaviour. This will help you build a picture of your horse’s lifecycle and highlight any potential areas of concern.

The app also provides weather updates and uses this to advise you on the thickness or type of rug to go for. So banish those concerns with Orscana, and support your horse’s well-being and performance, whatever the weather or time of day!

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Written by: Hannah