Vetruus Ltd was set up in the summer of 2011 by a small group of dedicated  industry professionals with over 50 years of combined experience in the veterinary pharmaceutical industry.

Vetruus works in partnership with several pharmaceutical manufacturers to bring to the UK market innovative and scientifically proven products, with an emphasis on dermatologicals.

We are working closely with the Italian company ICF, who for over 20 years have been European leaders in veterinary dermatologicals. Vetruus is proud to be the UK and Republic of Ireland partner and exclusive distributor for a wide range of scientifically proven products such as Otodine, Clorexyderm Oto, Otoprof and Zincoseb Shampoo.

As well as pharmaceutical products, we also have a great range of non-pharmaceutical products. Innovative products like Dog-Ends, Hound Surround dog collars, Ear Wicks and our specialist supplements Onychotin, Melacutin Chewable Tablets and Zinacutin Chewable Tablets, are already being talked about as offering solutions for problems seen every day in veterinary practice.