PRO PLAN VETERINARY DIETS HA Hypoallergenic Dry Dog Food

PRO PLAN VETERINARY DIETS HA Hypoallergenic Dry Dog Food
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Complete dietetic pet food for dogs of all lifestages for the diagnosis and management of food allergy and intolerances.

  • Single hydrolysed protein with low molecular weight to help avoid allergic responses.
  • Purified carbohydrates sources to help avoid allergic responses.
  • With omega-3 fatty acids to help maximise the natural anti-inflammatory process.
  • Provides a lipid energy source which is much easier to digest and absorb.
  • Supports dogs with compromised GI function by ensuring improved nutrient absorption.
  • Enhanced levels of zinc, omega-3 and -6 fatty acids and vitamin A.


  • Corn starch*, Hydrolysed soya protein**, Minerals, Coconut oil, Sugar*, Rapeseed oil, Cellulose, Glycerine (from vegetable origin), Soya oil, Fish oil.
  • *Purified carbohydrate sources, **Hydrolysed protein source


  • 334.75 kCals per 100g

Nutrition & Analytical Constituents

  • Protein: 21%, Fat content: 10.5%, Crude ash: 6%, Crude fibre: 2%, Carbohydrates: 51.5%, Omega-3 fatty acids: 0.5%, Omega 6 fatty acids: 2%, EPA and DHA: 0.10%, Medium chain fatty acids: 1.3%.

Nutritional additives


  • Vit A: 35,000, Vit D3: 1000, Vit E: 350.


  • Iron (II) sulphate monohydrate: (Fe: 150), Calcium iodate anhydrous: (I: 2.3), Copper (II) sulphate pentahydrate: (Cu: 16), Manganous sulphate monohydrate: (Mn: 56), Zinc sulphate monohydrate: (Zn: 140), Sodium selenite: (Se: 0.16), Antioxidants.

Feeding guide

Suitable for puppies from 4 months old. The recommended period of use is 3 to 8 weeks. If signs of intolerance disappear, this feed can be used initially up to one year. It is recommended that a veterinarian’s opinion be sought before use and before extending the period of use. Water should always be available.

For dogs over 70kg: for each additional 5kg of body weight, feed an additional 30g of pet food.

When feeding dry and wet Canine HA, for each addition of 200g wet, reduce by 50g dry kibble.

Puppy Growth - Age in Months

Adult body weight (kg) 4 6 9 12
Daily feeding quantity (g/day)
2.5 95 95 85 75
5 145 150 135 120
10 215 230 200 195
15 280 300 265 250
25 360 455 415 360
35 420 485 560 455
45 440 495 585 500
70 580 705 840 700

Adult Maintenance

Body weight (kg) Daily feeding quantities Dry + Wet (mixed feeding)
Dry (g/day) Dry (g/day) Can/day
2.5 70 35 1/3
5 110 60 1/2
10 175 75 1
15 230 130 1
25 325 225 1
35 410 310 1
45 485 385 1
70 650 450 2

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55 H A purina
Verified Purchase

By on 14 July 2024

Working amazing for my lab with very sensitive tummy do much better, happier, livelier

Customer recommends this product

55 A good veterinary recommended diet
Verified Purchase

By on 3 July 2024

The food is palatable to my dog & has been a huge help in correcting digestive issues. He is thriving on it.

Customer recommends this product

Verified Purchase

By on 26 June 2024

seems to be good for him so far

Customer recommends this product

55 Jacks tummy
Verified Purchase

By on 23 June 2024

good for him

Customer recommends this product

55 Cured my dogs allergies
Verified Purchase

By on 11 June 2024

Having tried many different diets and hypoallergenic kibble, this was recommended to me and we haven't looked back. My cockapoo used to get terribly smelly sore ears and chew her feet, since feeding her on Purina hypoallergenic issues have all stopped, been nearing a year now. Slowly introducing other foods, overall she's much happier.

Customer recommends this product

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Q & A

Below are some recent questions we've received regarding PRO PLAN VETERINARY DIETS HA Hypoallergenic Dry Dog Food, including answers from our team.

27 November 2022 at 9:22pm

Combination of tin and kibble


Hi. Is there any risks on combing the tin food with the kibble? My 15mth old male Frenchie is one the Purina HA as he seems to have intolerance to everything! The vet advised to feed him tins after his BOAS procedure. My boy has now fully recovered and I wondered if I could combine tins and kibble as it’s kinder on my pocket. Would this be recommended or should I just stick to one?
I want to do right for my boy but need to budget for his food. He loves either version of this food
Many thanks

  • VioVet Staff

If you are focussing on the allergies alone then using the kibble Purina HA in your dog that has only had the wet before should be absolutely fine. They are both anallergenic and cannot set off an allergy.
You may wish to discuss this with your vet first regarding the BOAS procedure though. If fully recovered then switching onto dry should be fine but they may have a reason for still advising tins only.

5 July 2022 at 8:42pm

Gluten intolerance


Our Border Terrier is diagnosed as gluten intolerant he is settled on the purina hypoallergenic kibble. Many BT can only have single proteins so we wondering which protein can be added to his kibble (if any)
Also is it safe to keep him on the purina long term

  • VioVet Staff

This food is safe to use in the long term, lifelong if needed. You should only feed diets that have ingredients that your dog is not allergic or intolerant to. It may be best to discuss this with your vet as they might be aware of what these are. If you would like further info on food allergies then I recommend reading our blog 'Allergies in Cats & Dogs - a Vet Guide'.

24 February 2022 at 6:47pm



Has this food got wheat in it

  • VioVet Staff

This food has the following ingredients:
Maize starch*, hydrolysed soya protein**, minerals, coconut oil, sugar*, rapeseed oil, soya oil, fish oil.

It has Maize starch which is from wheat, however this is a gluten free and anallargenic source as it is a Purified Carbohydrate Source. The ingredients within cannot set off a food allergy/intolerance.

19 September 2021 at 6:24pm

Feeding guidelines


My DDB is 15 months and has been diagnosed with food intolerances so my vet has suggested he changed from raw food to Purina hypoallergenic food, he is 56 kg , how much do I feed him and how many times a day please

  • VioVet Staff

The feeding guide for this food can be found in the product page description. Dog De Bordeauxs tend to be fully grown at around 20-24 months old. Your 56kg dog will need the puppy feeding dose at the age of 15 months. This is around 700g to 754g of feed per day according to the guide. I would start with the 754g and reduce if your dog does not eat all of the food put down. This can be split into as many meals as your dog is used to, normally this is twice daily so 377g per meal twice a day.

You will need to reweigh your dog every 2 to 4 weeks and increase the food as necessary. According to the guide the food needs to be increased at a rate of 50g per 5kg bodyweight (or 10g per 1kg increase).
When fully grown you should transition onto the adult feeding recommendation.

It is advised to transition from raw to cooked food slowly as different enzymes are required to break down the diets. Start by giving 10% of the new food and 90% of the previous then slowly transition to 100% of the Purina HA by the end of 5 to 7 days.
It is also worth noting that this diet only works if given as the only feed, no treats or other diets through scavenging. To know if it is working it must be fed as the sole food for 6 to 8 weeks. You should discuss this with your vet if you have any questions as they will have chosen the diet for a specific reason.

25 August 2021 at 7:23pm

Suitable for 9 month old Toy breed?

Greg McDonald

I’ve been advised to look into this food as my pup has had repeat bouts of bad guts from 8 weeks old. Bland diets of fish and potatoes clears him up. We then gradually introduce kibble and wet food (AVA, Lilly’s Kitchen, Royal Canin) but eventually somethings triggers a reaction causing him to have severe diarrhoea.
Our Vet suggested this - I’m just conscious that it is for 12months plus.
Any advice on this or another product will be appreciated.

  • VioVet Staff

I recommend following your vets advice. This diet is best suited to adult dogs but it is safe for a pup to eat it and there are no anallergenic versions of puppy diets on the market currently unfortunately. Your vet or Purina themselves will be able to advise on an appropriate feeding regime for your puppy.

10 August 2021 at 11:05am

Can you recommend a hydrolysed dog food suitable for a one year old hypersensitive blue Staffie?

Hydorolysed dog food

Can you recommend a hydrolysed dog food suitable for a one year old hypersensitive blue Staffie? She has been on the HA Hypoallergenic Dry Dog Food but now refuses to eat it as we think she is bored with it. MUST be hydrolysed according to our vet.

  • VioVet Staff

There are other brands of hydrolysed anallergenic diets you can try. Royal Canin Anallergenic and Hills Z/D are both suitable options. Both are completely anallergenic, similar to Purina HA.

3 August 2021 at 7:11am



My vet has advised purina pro ha, can I feed her fully on this from day one or do I still have to go through the moving over the 10 days from old food to new ?

  • VioVet Staff

This is a complete diet and can be fed as the only food for your dog. I recommend following your vets advise on feeding. If they have not provided any then you should transition slwoly, over 3 days or so. This is just to prevent your dog turning their nose up to the new diet. Once onto the Purina HA it must be the only food fed (no treats/scavenging etc) for it to be effective.

6 February 2021 at 6:33pm

Dog had really bad diarrea


My dog had bad diarrea vets told me to feed her this HA she was on chicken veg and sweet potatoes as only thing she could keep in my question is do I have to slowly mix small amount into her chicken veg and potatoes or just put her straight on the food for her weight and size

  • VioVet Staff

You should slowly transition any food to prevent your dog rejecting the new food. If your dog is not very fussy then you can do this over just one day, but if they can be fussy then I advise 10% of the new food and 90% of the old for the first day, increasing by 20-30% each day.

13 January 2021 at 6:23pm

Anal gland problems


Could this help my puppy with Anal Gland problems?
Thank you

  • VioVet Staff

This depends on the cause of the anal gland issues. If there is an underlying allergy to it then Purina HA can help by ruling out a food allergy. However food allergies can show as scooting/itching of the rear but rarely show as physical anal gland problems. If your dog has anal gland issues then increasing deitary fibre is a better choice, our own brand ReguTum FibreCare can help with this. I also strongly advise you following your vet's advice regarding the treatment of the anal gland problems, sometimes there can be underlying infections or impactions.

18 November 2020 at 6:53pm



can you get this in wet food.

  • VioVet Staff

Unfortunately this food only comes in a dry kibble form. You can get a wet hydrolysed protein (anallergenic) diet from Hills though, this is Hills Z/D. I would run any dietary changes past your vet first though if they advised you go on the Purina HA in the first place.

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