While some dog owners like to get up at the crack of dawn to take Fido for a run around the park, others prefer a ramble through the countryside in the late afternoon.

But although the best time of day to walk your dog often depends largely on when you can fit some exercise into your daily schedule, there are a few general considerations worth bearing in mind.

Number one on the list is that you should always leave at least an hour between when you feed your pooch their premium dog food and when you head out on your daily walks.

This is a really important point to remember, because walking a dog on a full stomach can result in stomach dilation and torsion (also known as bloat), which is a life threatening condition and requires immediate veterinary attention.

In very warm weather it may be worth timing your dog walks so they're not at the hottest point of the day, especially if you have an older mutt.

Therefore, aim to head out in the morning or early evening and avoid too much rigorous exercise in the middle of the day

Some people also prefer not to walk their canine companion after dark, which is sensible if your recall isn't great and you're concerned about your pup running off.

Speaking to the Dog Daily, pet blogger Jessica Bush makes the point that it's a good idea to set aside a specified time every day to take the dog out, as if you rush your walks neither you nor your pup will enjoy them much.

"Dog walks should be relaxing," she says. "Everyone knows a dog can instantly detect tension. Your time spent outdoors with your pet on leash should be no exception. Setting aside a minimum of 20 minutes a few times a week could do wonders for almost anyone."

Written by: Hannah