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  • Our four tips for healthy teeth Image

    Our four tips for healthy teeth

    30 January 2020 Last updated: 30 January 2020 - By in Dogs

    Ensuring your dog’s teeth are kept clean and healthy is just as important as ensuring the health of our own. If the right care isn’t shown, plaque and tartar can build up on the teeth and around the gumline, irritating and inflaming the gums (known as gingivitis), and in turn leading to gum disease and even tooth loss. As your dog ages,...

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  • Feel Good With Naturediet Image

    Feel Good With Naturediet

    11 November 2019 Last updated: 11 November 2019 - By in Dogs

    “100% natural, made locally, no nasties, no meat-meal, freshly prepared, premium ingredients…”. All phrases that pet owners are familiar with, and all phrases that are common to defining the ever growing number of dog food products on the market. So how do you determine which is best for your dog? Naturediet are proud of our hone...

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  • When to use FortiFlora Image

    When to use FortiFlora

    7 August 2019 - By in Pet Care

    The importance of your pet's gut health shouldn't be underestimated. Most of the time, the secret to sound gastrointestinal health comes down to nutrition. If the nutrition is lacking, digestive health can be disturbed, which can lead to a myriad of uncomfortable symptoms such as diarrhoea and/or constipation, loss of appetite and excessive flatule...

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  • Living a more natural way of life can benefit you…and your pet! Image

    They say that your health is your wealth and we’d like to introduce you to a global pet health company who place your pet’s health at the centre of everything they do – Homeopet. This family owned, natural pet health company has been helping animals all over the world for 25 years and their belief that ‘your health is your w...

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  • Hay or haylage for a horse with ulcers? Getting forage feeding right. Image

    Forage is without doubt the most crucial part of any horse’s diet. It is more important than any other feed type, or supplement, and is often overlooked when planning a feeding programme or addressing digestive disorders. It’s all too easy to be swayed by the latest marketing for the vast number of specialist products on the market and...

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  • How to spot muscle atrophy in dogs Image

    Muscle atrophy, or muscle loss, is the wasting away of your dog’s muscles. It can present in a number of ways and can be caused by ageing, illness or simply by reduced activity. Larger breeds can be more likely to suffer as they can age faster than small breeds, and are more prone to conditions like arthritis, but muscle atrophy can affect an...

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  • Potential benefits of raw feeding Image

    Potential benefits of raw feeding

    1 May 2018 Last updated: 3 January 2020 - By in Dog Health & Wellbeing News

    There can be numerous benefits associated with feeding a raw or natural diet which may be noticed with your dog or cat in a few weeks of transition. Before embarking on your raw food journey, make sure you are fully aware of all the potential risks associated with this diet and have spoken to your vet about your decision. It is important to be full...

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  • Spring clean your home...from fleas! Image

    So, it’s time for the annual spring clean. That time of year when we blow away the cobwebs and wipe the slate clean, leaving us feeling fresh and ready for the warmer weather. But what if it wasn’t just dust you found yourself sweeping away? What if your spring clean unearthed a roaring infestation of fleas? For some, this is the unpl...

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  • The ultimate '5 a day' for your dog Image

    It’s that time of year where lots of people suffer with coughs and colds. We are advised to include ‘5 a day’ in our diet and take power supplements such as echinacea and vitamin C to help keep our immune system working at it’s optimum, in order to fight off viruses. But what about your dog? How do you keep them in the best...

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  • Wisdom Panel DNA Test - we ask the experts! Image

    What’s your name and role in the business? My name is Oliver Forman, and I am the Genetics Research Manager in the UK. My role is to coordinate research to enable continued development of our products and services. I joined Mars Veterinary in 2016 after spending 13 years researching inherited diseases in dogs, discovering disease causing muta...

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