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  • Spring clean your home...from fleas! Image

    So, it’s time for the annual spring clean. That time of year when we blow away the cobwebs and wipe the slate clean, leaving us feeling fresh and ready for the warmer weather. But what if it wasn’t just dust you found yourself sweeping away? What if your spring clean unearthed a roaring infestation of fleas? For some, this is the unpl...

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  • Wisdom Panel DNA Test - we ask the experts! Image

    What’s your name and role in the business? My name is Oliver Forman, and I am the Genetics Research Manager in the UK. My role is to coordinate research to enable continued development of our products and services. I joined Mars Veterinary in 2016 after spending 13 years researching inherited diseases in dogs, discovering disease causing muta...

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  • What should I be feeding my senior dog? Image

    Dog owners are becoming more and more aware nowadays that senior dog’s need a different diet to their younger counterparts to help them get the most out of life – but as to how this differs and what they actually need is something they are less sure about. Hopefully by the end of this though you’ll be happier with what to look for...

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  • Purina® Fortiflora® and Probiotics – truly effective or just the latest fad? Image

    Most people have heard about probiotics in humans – live bacteria which are believed to have a beneficial effect on the ‘good bug bad bug’ balance in the intestinal tract and help digestive health…and probiotics are also commonly used in dogs and cats too! PURINA® Fortiflora® is a probiotic in the form of a simple t...

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