Whether you've got a pampered pedigree curled up on the sofa or an independent moggy patrolling the neighbourhood, all cat owners should be aware of how to keep their pets in good health.

And, according to Cats Protection’s clinical veterinary officer Beth Skillings, if you're keen to gauge the wellbeing of your furry friend a cat's eyes and fur can be a good indicator of their overall health.

"Promoting optimum health and behaviour is the best way of promoting healthy skin and eyes, as they can be good indicators of general health and wellbeing," she says. "Feed your cat a good quality balanced diet and take them to the vet regularly."

Indeed, when it comes to keep your feline friend happy and healthy, diet is almost always the best place to start.

Dry cat food is usually the best choice when it comes to feeding your pet, but be sure to choose a premium product that uses high-quality ingredients, including a good source of protein.

Certain brands including Hills and Royal Canin cat food have been produced with feline preferences and needs in mind so opt for foods such as these that will help keep your cat in good condition.

However, even if you're sure that your cat is receiving all the nutrients they need to stay healthy and active, there are a few more things that discerning cat owners can do at home to ensure that their moggy is happy and comfortable in their own space.

"Groom your cat regularly, especially if you have a long-haired cat or an older cat with arthritis which may not be able to groom themselves so easily," advises Beth.

"Minimise stress and ensure your cat feels happy and secure within his home - ensure he always has a private place to hide where he can't be disturbed and if you have more than one cat then feed them in separate places."

Written by: Adrian