All cat owners will know just how wonderful it is to be greeted by their feline friend when they get home from work or to curl up on the sofa with their moggie for a relaxing night in.

Even something as simple as feeding your feline their cat food or giving them a gentle groom can be a rewarding experience.

But for some people - particularly those living in big cities or always at work - owning a cat is an impossibility and they miss out on this rewarding experience.

And this is where cat cafes come in. Already popular in Taiwan, China and Japan, these establishments are normal cafes selling food and drink, but the difference is that they have cats wandering around for you to pet, cuddle and play with.

You may have thought this is a little crazy, but now the phenomenon has made its way over to the UK and the first cat cafe has been opened in London.

As reported in the Daily Mail, the cafe is the work of Lauren Pears, who saw the benefit of giving busy commuters the opportunity to relax among moggies.

The cafe is aimed at the many office workers who work long hours, have limited space at home or have landlords who don't allow pets, so are unable to own a cat themselves.

"If something exists you can probably get it in London, but there's one thing that lots of people living in London can't have - a kitty," Lauren told the newspaper.

"We thought long and hard about who would really benefit from having a cat cafe in London.

"I see commuters walking on their way to and from the station stopping to pet the neighbourhood cats, and since I am unable to own a cat myself due to my current flat and long hours I understand the desire to have a cat around."

Written by: Adrian