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VioPoints Rewards Scheme

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VioPoints Rewards Scheme

We have taken the decision to end the VioPoints scheme as of 1st March 2019. You will not earn any new points on purchases made from 1st March 2018 onwards.

You can still redeem any valid points up to 28th February 2019.

We are working on a new and improved loyalty scheme, look out for announcements!

What is the VioPoints Rewards Scheme?

The VioPoints Rewards Scheme is an initiative to reward you, our loyal customers, and to hopefully incentivise you to keep visiting us. The scheme allows you to earn points based on your purchases, which can be collected and redeemed for a cash discount on future purchases. The scheme will operate at our discretion and VioPoints may be offered for reasons other than purchases.

Who is eligible for the scheme?

All new and existing VioVet customers will be eligible for the scheme, irrespective of how many times you have ordered from us previously.

How do I earn points?

VioPoints are earned when you purchase from us. All purchases qualify for points, although the number of points awarded will differ from product to product. The number of VioPoints is shown on the product listing and they are awarded on dispatch of the order. The more you purchase from us, the more points you will earn. These will accumulate in your account until you are ready to redeem them. In the future, VioPoints may also be awarded for other actions e.g. writing a product review, which can be collected and redeemed in a similar way.

How can I keep track of my points?

Keeping track of your points couldn’t be easier. Simply log into your account and click ‘Credits & VioPoints.’ Any VioPoints you have earned will be visible here. If you appear to have more or less points than you expected, it is because the number of points awarded for a particular purchase is subject to change.

Generally speaking, for every £1 you spend with us, you will earn yourself 50 VioPoints.

How do I redeem my points?

Points can only be redeemed in “chunks” of 1,000. For every 1,000 VioPoints redeemed, you are entitled to 20p off your next order. You can either choose to redeem your 1,000 points at checkout or allow them to rollover to 2,000/3,000 etc. If you have 1,500 VioPoints, you have the option to redeem 1,000 of them, or wait until you have collected 500 more to redeem 2,000.

Do my points expire?

VioPoints are valid for 1 year from the date they were awarded. You can keep track of them by logging into your account.

Any further questions? Feel free to contact us!

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13th May 2015
Customer Since: November 2013
From: West Sussex, United Kingdom

from what date do points start please?

14th May 2015

Hi Brenda,

The scheme has started so you can start earning points as of now :)

18th May 2015
Customer Since: June 2014
From: Aberdeenshire, United Kingdom

Very good idea to get points on purchases.

27th May 2015
Customer Since: July 2014
From: Lancashire, United Kingdom

Hi how to I claim my points ? Do I need to join or are they automatically added to my account ? Thanks in advance

5th Jun 2015
Customer Since: November 2013
From: Warwickshire, United Kingdom

Will I get points on the order I placed last week

13th Jun 2015

I have had two orders from you in the last few months and had not come across the points system until I looked at an email sent to me - can the points be back dated to these purchases and I am about to order some more things so how do I get point on my new order.

27th Jun 2015
Customer Since: January 2015
From: West Midlands, United Kingdom

yes i would like to recive points every little helps thankyou as i do always shop with you it would be nice for me to recive a little back ..

28th Jul 2015

I hav had several purchases from you but my account doesn't show any points

3rd Aug 2015
Customer Since: July 2013
From: Bedfordshire, United Kingdom

How do you actually redeem the points?

I've looked all over your site and it is not obvious.

21st Aug 2015

Can you please let me know when my points start from. This is an excellent idea

21st Aug 2015

When does it start from please?

16th Sep 2015
Customer Since: April 2013
From: Lincolnshire, United Kingdom

Just seen the Viopoints good idea. Well done team!

7th Dec 2015
Customer Since: June 2010
From: Pembrokeshire, United Kingdom

Hi all, just used my 6000 points against my order. You have to continue to checkout to see a tick box for redeeming your Viovet points. There's a slider that allows you to adjust the amount you want to redeem (multiples of 1000).

Hope this helps :)

4th Apr 2016
Customer Since: April 2013
From: United Kingdom

When or if can I claim Viopoints because I've recently started shopping with Viovet again? From each shop?

15th Sep 2016
Customer Since: December 2012
From: Northumberland, United Kingdom

How do i redeem my viovet points if i use the regular delivery service

12th Jan 2017

We have been Viovet customer for a few years, how do we register for the point scheme you have introduced?

Tony Allerton, Little Marlow, Bucks.

29th Jan 2017
Customer Since: April 2015
From: Korea, Republic of

How do you actually redeem the points?

13th Oct 2017
Customer Since: January 2008
From: United Kingdom

Good idea should have done it years ago

29th Nov 2017

how do you collect points? been using you a long time now but it still says i have 0 points

5th Dec 2017
Customer Since: December 2017
From: New Territories, Hong Kong

I 'm a return customer . I can find a good supplements here.

8th Dec 2017
Customer Since: August 2011
From: Surrey, United Kingdom

Great value for money, will buyagain.

20th Jan 2018
Customer Since: September 2013
From: United Kingdom

i have 1,640 i tried to redeem them but it wouldnt let me slide the slider!
with my order that i have just place would now make my points 3,000+, maybe i will be able to redeem them for next time.

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