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Dog Accessories

Whether you are a first time dog owner or have been an enthusiast for years, caring for a canine family member can require the same level of attention, care and preparation as welcoming a newborn baby. From organising vet checks to deciding what to feed your dog and where to situate its bed, the early stages can determine the future health and happiness enjoyed by your dog. As he moves from puppy into adult, and from adult into senior, the needs of your dog will change and lifestyle modification is necessary. Nutrition, exercise, and veterinary needs will alter as your dog ages, whether weight management becomes an issue, joints grow tired or inflamed, or general health deteriorates, and simple changes to lifestyle and routine can make the biggest difference. Some things, however, will remain the same, such as your dog's interest in new things, treats and play, and these needs, along with those that have changed, can be met through VioVet. Our inclusive canine product range offers everything from toys, bedding and training aids, to strollers, ramps and wellness supplements. These supplements and non-prescription medicines cater to a range of health conditions, from digestive problems to brain and behaviour, from joint care to treatment for organ insufficiency. Whatever you are looking for, VioVet is guaranteed to offer a solution!