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PURINA Veterinary Diets Dog Food

Developed with veterinary surgeons in mind, PURINA Veterinary Diets combine specially tailored ingredients that are proven effective, for the internal health and nourishment of your cats and dogs. The unique, researched formulations present in Veterinary Diets provide a complete meal for pets suffering with various health complaints, including digestive, urinary tract and renal insufficiency. Utilising the latest in scientific research, the diets offer targeted nutritional care and support, and can be used throughout your pet's life, whenever symptoms are first recognised. Whether your dog is suffering with skin complaints, organ insufficiency or weight management difficulties, PURINA Veterinary Diets offer a suitable dietary measure to help alleviate symptoms and manage the condition in a wholesome and nutritional way. To provide restoration through balanced, digestible dietetic ingredients, tailored to the needs of your dog, choose Veterinary Diets and see what a difference it can make for you.

Formula Condition
CN Formula Convalescence®
DRM Formula Dermatological Management®
EN Formula Gastroenteric®
HA Formula Hypoallergenic®
JM Formula Joint Mobility®
NF Formula Kidney Function®
OM Formula Overweight Management®
UR Formula Urinary®

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