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Irish Sport Horse

Irish Sport Horse

Like its forbear the Irish Draught, the Irish Sport Horse is renowned for its capabilities in sporting and competition circuits. Lighter than the Irish Draught, the breed is held in high esteem amongst equestrians and is considered a top athlete and all-round competition horse.

Developed from crossing the spirited Thoroughbred with scope and speed, and the original Irish Draught with conformation and an easy disposition, the Irish Sport of today is a strong contender in the show ring, despite only being classed a ‘half-bred’ by some.

Naturally athletic, well balanced and adept at many sporting disciplines, the Irish Sport is suitable for both amateur and experienced riders, giving confidence through its sure-footed and steadfast gait. The Irish Sport was originally used in fox hunting due to its speed and enthusiasm, although since the sport has been done away with it can now be observed in leisure riding, show jumping and light draught work.

Typically 15-17 hands, the Irish Sport is characterised by a sculpted, muscular structure with well conformed legs and a strong head. All colours are permissible in the breed but skewbald and piebald types are rarely seen.

Did you know..?

The Irish Sport is quite often referred to as the ‘Irish Hunter’ because of its early usage as a fox hunting horse.

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