The liver is an organ that processes our pet’s nutrients and helps get rid of any toxins. This means a normal functioning liver is a crucial part of our pet’s life, and when it becomes damaged it’s really important to ensure it recovers. Fortunately the liver has a great capacity to repair if we provide it the right environment and ingredients for it to do so.

Working out what ingredients and supplements to include to support your pet’s liver can be a minefield! Below is a useful guide to the key ingredients that have been shown to help liver repair and function:

Milk Thistle Extract (Silymarin and Silybin)

S-Adenosyl Methionine (SAMe)

  • Hepatoprotective - protects the liver by aiding in the production of ‘glutathione’, an important amino acid in the protection of liver cells against oxidative stress

  • Found in Hepatosyl, Hepaticare, Denamarin, Zentonil

  • SAMe can be expensive, so a cost-effective alternative you can supplement with is it’s precursor DL-Methionine. This helps with the body's normal production of SAMe, and can be found in HepatiNorm.


  • Vitamin E has antioxidant properties to reduce liver cell stress- Samylin

  • Vitamin B can be deficient in animals with liver disease - HepatiNorm

Dietary modification

  • Your vet may recommend a prescription liver diet, which are formulated to reduce the workload of the liver

  • Please contact our customer service team for specific advice on prescription diets

There can be a wide variety of liver disease causes, so it is important you follow your vet’s advice on treatment. If you have any specific questions then please contact our customer services team.

Written by: Dr. Nick Garside BVetMed MRCVS