As Christmas approaches and you start to think about tightening the belt, you may be considering opting for an own brand product to save on the cost of your pet’s supplies. Shoppers are savvier than ever in this market, with it no longer being acceptable for an own brand product to simply be more affordable in comparison to bigger brands, but to also offer a comparatively high quality.

While you may be apprehensive about trying an own brand product with your pet – after all, a higher price is often synonymous with a higher quality – in reality, the cost of the food or supplement itself is only a fraction of the price of the product as a whole. The beauty of foods and supplements is that it is easier to make a comparison between the ingredients in a big brand vs. an own brand product, so there is no mystery as to exactly what’s inside!

  • As pet health specialists, it is important to us that we only offer VioBrand products that we know you can rely on, and that we want to use on our own pets!
  • Our products are carefully formulated with quality, trusted ingredients, so you can be confident in making the switch from your usual brand.
  • By using more simple printing and packaging methods, plus cutting out the middle man, we are able to provide high quality foods, treats and supplements at a lower price.
  • We're excited to say that 4 years after first launching our own brand, the products have been thoroughly tried, tested and loved. The hundreds of online reviews speak for themselves!

Written by: Jessica