So, it’s time for the annual spring clean. That time of year when we blow away the cobwebs and wipe the slate clean, leaving us feeling fresh and ready for the warmer weather.

But what if it wasn’t just dust you found yourself sweeping away? What if your spring clean unearthed a roaring infestation of fleas?

For some, this is the unpleasant surprise that greets them when they start to clean those nooks and crannies. Fleas emerging. From everywhere. From their furniture, their bedding and even on a little one’s favourite soft toy.

It’s then that they begin to join the dots. Their pet’s incessant scratching and the change in their sleeping spot suddenly make sense.

And now the list of jobs for their spring clean has suddenly become a lot longer…

Spring clean round two:

Bathe all pets thoroughly (and re-clean the bathroom to get rid of all that animal hair afterwards).

• Sweep and vacuum the floors, rugs and soft furnishings with an even closer eye.

• Machine-wash all bedding, rugs and other fabrics (down to every last sock) on the hottest setting.

• Scour the shops for a new teddy bear (or be prepared for tears and tantrums when an old favourite is missing at bedtime).

So how do fleas get into a home?

Pets may get fleas from other animals. Dogs love socialising with their friends, but if their play date pals are infested this can pose a risk to your dog if they are unprotected.

And you can’t forget the cat. You may think he is independent and looks after himself, but when it comes to fleas he needs a little help. Cats (and dogs) who like to explore the great outdoors can pick up fleas on their adventures.

But it’s not just roaming pets who are at risk; those who like to stay inside are also under threat from fleas that can be brought in on clothes and shoes, and can then go on to leap onto your pet and infest the warm surrounding areas of the home. So much so that only around 5% of the flea population live on the dog; the remaining 95% lives in the home.

The good news – there’s a simpler way

Luckily, there is an easier way to help stop fleas setting up residence in your home in the first place by regularly using a preventative flea treatment on your cat or dog.

Advantage is a spot-on treatment that can help protect not just your pet but your whole family from the effects of fleas for 4 weeks at a time. When used regularly, Advantage can put an end to flea infestations on your pet and in your home, helping you avoid the flea bites, the industrial clean, and the painful process of binning that favourite bear.

The best way to avoid a nasty surprise at your spring clean is to keep your pet protected against fleas all year round. Make sure you use Advantage on your pets monthly to help keep your pets and family happy and healthy.

Written by: Visitor