How often do you cringe at your basket total? Your dog’s monthly shop might raise the same thoughts time and again:

Why is this food so expensive?

Where can I get it cheaper?

How can I get the best quality for the price I can afford?

And this is why we've created our own brand range of high quality products, without premium price tags!

What type of dog is VioPet for?

VioPet Adult Dog Food is an all-round diet, designed to suit most dogs. It provides everything needed for an active, healthy lifestyle and will leave you with some spare cash!

How do we guarantee great value for money?

We cut out the middlemen and pass on the saving directly to you :-)!

What about fussy dogs?

We want you to see your dogs enjoying mealtimes too! We’ve thoroughly tested this food on all of our staff dogs and we set the bar high - it had to get past the picky ones!

VioPet foods contain no artificial flavourings - they’re packed with naturally delicious ingredients, and are also high in fibre, so they help keep your dog feeling full for longer too.

Is it suitable for sensitive stomachs & allergies?

Yes! VioPet’s ingredients are super easy to digest, meaning your dog can get the most from their food, without putting strain on their digestive system.

VioPet is naturally hypoallergenic - both diets have a single source of animal protein (turkey or lamb) and exclude many ingredients commonly linked to intolerances such as wheat, wheat gluten, beef, pork, dairy, egg and soya. If your dog needs to avoid these ingredients, they can tuck in to VioPet, no problem!

If we wouldn't feed it to our own dogs, you won't find it on our website!

So, if you want the best value for money & a tasty wholesome diet for your dog, we’re hoping you’ll give VioPet a try!

Written by: Danielle