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Leading the way in veterinary probiotic trials, Protexin recognises the value of nature in developing effective healthcare formulations whether for human or animal targets. Testifying to the ample benefits that raw elements can offer us, Protexin strives to balance science and nature effectively, without losing any of the goodness of nature through product refinement.

Dedicated to quality and efficacy, Protexin refuses to compromise on the natural basis of their probiotics or on product performance. Only quality assured elements, backed by advanced science, make their way into Protexin preparations for dogs and cats. Keen to constantly improve on the healthcare solutions they provide, the company is continually undergoing probiotic efficacy trials and conducting research to keep up-to-date with scientific advance. When using Protexin, you can rest assured that you are administering an effective, naturally-derived product that will aid your animal’s internal health and function.

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