What is an SQP?

SQP stands for 'Suitably Qualified Person', and it is a type of veterinary qualification.

There are many types of SQP, and each specialises in one or more different animal groups. For example, a C-SQP has in-depth knowledge of companion animals (cats, dogs and small animals), while a J-SQP specialises in equines. An E-SQP does both!

What can an SQP do?

An SQP can provide professional advice on worming and flea treatment as they have extensive knowledge of life cycles and behaviours of parasites. They can also cover some basic areas in nutrition, joint care, digestion, grooming and first aid. The main role as an SQP is to advise.

SQPs can also prescribe and/or supply certain products of NFA-VPS category, including wormers like Drontal and flea treatments such as Frontline Plus. E-SQPs are qualified to prescribe POM-VPS products such as horse wormers.

What can’t an SQP do?

An SQP cannot prescribe any medications that are not within the POM-VPS/NFA-VPS category as POM-V medicines can only be prescribed by a vet. They also cannot diagnose your pet, but can advise to the best of their knowledge based on information provided by the pet owner.

What is the best thing about being an SQP? (From our in-house SQPs)

The very best thing about being an SQP is knowing that our training and advice will help to provide the correct products to owners to help prevent animal illnesses and diseases. Also spreading awareness on which products to use and why is really rewarding. Knowing that the animals under your advice will be treated safely and correctly is a great feeling. Plus, when our customers have a litter of puppies at home it’s great to hear all about them.

Written by: Hannah