We’re a nation of animal lovers and over 12 million of us share our homes with pets - that’s a whopping 44% of UK households! Whether it’s dogs, cats, rabbits or goldfish, they’re all part of the family. But what is it about pets we all love so much?

Maybe we should be asking what it is we don’t love so much! Of course, there are going to be a million things on the list of loves, but here are just a few from us and the team! Comment below and let us know what you think is the best thing about being a pet parent.

  1. Unconditional love – nothing compares to the love and loyalty of a precious pet; no matter what happens, they’re always there, with a wagging tail or a friendly purr, ready to bring a smile to our face and lift our spirits. They don’t care how we look, where we’re from, or what we do for a living – their love is unconditional, constant, and evident in all they do.
  2. Warm greetings – there’s nothing like a warm welcome after a long day at work to remind us how much we’re loved and missed. “I love coming home to happy dogs with wagging tails” says Danielle T, our Key Accounts Manager. Surely no one is more elated and excitable than a dog whose parent has just returned!
  3. Unlimited kisses and cuddles – this doesn’t just apply to cats and dogs, although their affections are hard to beat. “My chickens are so soft to pet,” says Marketing Analyst, James, who owns three Rhode Island Reds.
  4. Fellow adventurer/reason to be active – sometimes it’s hard to be motivated and get out and active, but with a dog on your heels it won’t even feel like exercise! Having a dog and being active go hand-in-hand, which is a reason why many people choose dog ownership in the first place. “I love the fact that having a dog makes me get out more” says Marketing Manager, Verity.
  5. Entertainment – whether it’s chasing their tails, falling asleep in strange places, or talking to us, the behaviours, quirks and cheeky personalities of pets are often hilarious and keep us well and truly entertained. “I love that my husky always sings to me” says Danielle C, Own Brand Manager.
  6. Happiness – put simply, having pets is the daily dose of happiness we all need and the only reason for having them that really matters!

Get in touch and tell us what you most LOVE about your furry friend this Valentine’s Day by commenting below or emailing me directly: [email protected]

Written by: Hannah