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6 things we LOVE about our pets

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6 things we LOVE about our pets

We’re a nation of animal lovers and over 12 million of us share our homes with pets - that’s a whopping 44% of UK households! Whether it’s dogs, cats, rabbits or goldfish, they’re all part of the family. But what is it about pets we all love so much?

Maybe we should be asking what it is we don’t love so much! Of course, there are going to be a million things on the list of loves, but here are just a few from us and the team! Comment below and let us know what you think is the best thing about being a pet parent.

  1. Unconditional love – nothing compares to the love and loyalty of a precious pet; no matter what happens, they’re always there, with a wagging tail or a friendly purr, ready to bring a smile to our face and lift our spirits. They don’t care how we look, where we’re from, or what we do for a living – their love is unconditional, constant, and evident in all they do.
  2. Warm greetings – there’s nothing like a warm welcome after a long day at work to remind us how much we’re loved and missed. “I love coming home to happy dogs with wagging tails” says Danielle T, our Key Accounts Manager. Surely no one is more elated and excitable than a dog whose parent has just returned!
  3. Unlimited kisses and cuddles – this doesn’t just apply to cats and dogs, although their affections are hard to beat. “My chickens are so soft to pet,” says Marketing Analyst, James, who owns three Rhode Island Reds.
  4. Fellow adventurer/reason to be active – sometimes it’s hard to be motivated and get out and active, but with a dog on your heels it won’t even feel like exercise! Having a dog and being active go hand-in-hand, which is a reason why many people choose dog ownership in the first place. “I love the fact that having a dog makes me get out more” says Marketing Manager, Verity.
  5. Entertainment – whether it’s chasing their tails, falling asleep in strange places, or talking to us, the behaviours, quirks and cheeky personalities of pets are often hilarious and keep us well and truly entertained. “I love that my husky always sings to me” says Danielle C, Own Brand Manager.
  6. Happiness – put simply, having pets is the daily dose of happiness we all need and the only reason for having them that really matters!

Get in touch and tell us what you most LOVE about your furry friend this Valentine’s Day by commenting below or emailing me directly: [email protected]

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14th Feb 2018
Customer Since: July 2010
From: Durham, United Kingdom

Unconditional positive regard. It wouldn't matter if I robbed a bank or ran over an old lady on a zebra crossing, my dogs would still love me. Priceless!

24th Feb 2018

How can I stop my Labrador from eating other dogs poo!!!!!

24th Feb 2018

Having my beautiful chihuahua s as my companion s has stopped loneliness and also helps keep me fit at 70 as they need a walk and also I make conversation with strangers who otherwise without my pets would walk by .Ive had them both from 10 weeks old and they are 9 years old my devotion and love for them too makes life worthwhile

24th Feb 2018
Customer Since: February 2016
From: Merseyside, United Kingdom

My dog Elle picks me up when I’m down as I have to be there for her walk her and give her love. She is my best friend her love is unconditional. People don’t realise how theroputichaving a pet is.

25th Feb 2018

Having a constant companion. Following me everywhere, even to the loo! My own personal bodyguard - typical Jack Russell Terrier.

25th Feb 2018

Watching my dog when she runs like the wind with shear happiness. Also the unconditional love that she gives me and the fantastic welcome whenever I come home.

19th May 2018

My true best friends are my dogs. We love each other no matter what. We spend our days and nights together, no holidays id rather be with them than on a beach.
I just wish their life would be as long as mine. I love them so much and i know they feel the same ❤

19th May 2018

My cats are just so comforting that they are the very best stress reducer. Watching them sleeping all curled up or stretched out beside me is so relaxing. And just looking at such beautiful, elegant animals that share my life every day always raises my spirits!

19th May 2018
Customer Since: March 2017
From: Aberdeenshire, United Kingdom

My reason to get up in the morning. Without my 2 horses I dont think I'd even still be here they're my universe and I couldn't live without them.

19th May 2018
Customer Since: April 2018
From: Lincolnshire, United Kingdom

A loving welcome when returning home. Good night hugs & kisses.
It doesnt matter if i have no make up on or hair done, my furbabys love me unconditionally.

19th May 2018

Holly my cat was a stray I took her in and it’s the best thing I did she is the most loving cat. When family come she goes round everyone for a kiss on her head I get one every morning whe I get up ( she wakens me up)

19th May 2018

The look of unconditional love and a loyal companion , that’s my gorgeous dog.

19th May 2018

My boxer boy "Hank", used to come over & lay his head on my lap if I was crying from a tender t.v. (or any) moment.
He was very intuitive & sensitive. He died June 22, 2017. ....I will always miss my sweet, smart, handsome, kind, sensitive, sharing boy. He made my life fun & important. Viovet helped when he was sick. I wish we had more than 9 1/2 years together. But I'm eternally grateful we had them.
Sharon Muir
Wenatchee, Wa.

19th May 2018

I love how my precious Keisha loves me back in every way that only a Maine Coon can , she's my world and everything to me

19th May 2018

My 3 greyhounds give me the greatest joy in the world and my Billy, a lurcher, is the maddest, craziest, happiest dog who charges around the house, barks for attention and then charges up to you and smothers you with kisses. Best tonic in the world!

19th May 2018

I have a herd of rescued guinea pigs. They are lovely to cuddle, fun to watch and "oink" loudly at me when I come home with a bag of grass and dandelions for them. I adore them all.

20th May 2018

I love mine as everyone else dose or should do ,I keep a few birds cold freshwater fish ,& tropical fish Ive also had reptiles in the past .

22nd May 2018

the total unconditional love ! I adore my furbabies so much xx

23rd May 2018

I could never be without my cats.....they keep me going when I am feeling "low".
My home would be empty without their Love !!!

23rd May 2018

Their uncanny ability to sense your mood/feelings and respond accordingly - always on your side!

27th May 2018
Customer Since: October 2015
From: United Kingdom

What I love is the neediness, the high maintenence and pure bossiness of my pet. I have been totally house trained and love my cat. And have you guessed , she is female and her name is Millie........shortly to be changed to HEMMA , as in HAEMMEROIDS , as she is such a pain in the posterior !

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