Given the choice, would you rather dogs or cats ran the country? In this lighthearted blog we’re predicting the top paw-licies of both parties – the Catservatives and the Labouradors. Pick a side by commenting below!

The Catservatives:

1. Unrestricted access to all surfaces around the home

2. More sleeping rights

3. Free rein on bringing dead birds and vermin inside

4. The right to decide when we want cuddles

5. If it looks nice, we can scratch it

6. All toys must flash, jump and wiggle

7. Freedom to knock as many things off surfaces as we can

The Labouradors:

1. More treats - humans must share all food

2. Unlimited sniffing

3. Freedom to roll in muddy puddles and smelly messes

4. More walks

5. The abolition of fireworks and alone time

6. Compulsory trips to the beach

7. The right to sleep in owner’s bed

Who wins? You decide!

Written by: Hannah