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Cat Wormers

In the UK, there are eight types of common feline intestinal worms and unfortunately, it is not always easy to recognise their symptoms. Therefore, it is recommended that you de-worm your cat on a regular basis using a good medication. Regular cat worming reduces the risk of worm accumulation and thus minimises their harmful consequences. It also potentially reduces the chances of accidental transmission of the Toxocara worm to children.

Worming cats regularly is not limited to the promotion of better health in your cats, but it also contributes to human health, reducing the likelihood of transmission. Worming is part of responsible pet ownership and is to be encouraged. A single dose of de-wormer is adequate in most circumstances.

Some wormers such as Pancur wormer come in granulated form and can be added to food. This worming product acts against intestinal roundworms as well as hazardous lung worms found in the respiratory tract. Pancur wormer granules can be used on pregnant cats and dogs and can help reduce the number of prenatal infections caused by roundworms. The granules are formulated to be palatable and easily digestible.

If in doubt, we recommend using Drontal. It is by far the top selling non-prescription wormer and is incredibly effective.