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English Springer Spaniel

English Springer Spaniel

The English Springer Spaniel originates from...

As with its smaller cousin, the Cocker Spaniel, the English Springer was prominent during the Tudor reign of Henry VIII, being widely utilised as a versatile gun dog over difficult terrain. The Renaissance saw an increase in the prevalence of the breed, with many aristocratic figures owning an English Springer as a companion dog. The breed derives its name from its early usage as a game flusher, 'springing' furred and feathered game from the bush in order for the hunter to shoot it. Able to work tirelessly in a variety of working fulfillments, the English Springer Spaniel falls within the 'gun dog' branch of canines, sharing its classification with the Pointers and Setters, Retrievers and Spaniels.

The English Springer Spaniel is characterised by...

With a proportioned body, the English Springer Spaniel is an athletic-looking breed possessing large, pendant ears, dark ovular eyes, a moderate-length muzzle and a deep chest for enhanced lung capacity and thus, enhanced stamina. The coat of the English Springer Spaniel is typically wavy and feathered, common in colours of white and liver, usually with black, liver or tan markings. Despite being an illegal practice in most countries across Europe, tail 'docking' is commonly observed in the breed. The Springer Spaniel loves water and is enthusiastic in exercise and play, especially if mud and wet land is involved.

The average English Springer Spaniel...

Often described as the ideal family dog, the English Springer Spaniel possesses an amiable and relaxed temperament, displaying affection and loyalty towards its family, whilst acting fearlessly to safeguard it in the presence of potential threat. Engaging well with children, the English Springer is well suited to the domestic setting, making a great addition to active family life. Generally, a healthy, fully mature Springer will weigh 18-25 kg depending on its gender, with a life expectancy of 12-14 years when cared for accordingly.

Because no breed is without its weakness...

Susceptible to various health complaints that are partly genetic, the English Springer Spaniel has been known to suffer from optical disorders including glaucoma and cataracts, as well as issues relating to hips and elbows. More serious conditions specific to the breed are cardiac weakness, epilepsy and liver disease, whilst deafness is common in the breed due to the ears hanging low against the ground. Additionally, the Springer Spaniel is prone to easy weight gain, so feeding human foods is not encouraged as even the smallest amount of fat can be detrimental to the general health of the dog.


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Our English Springer Spaniel owners' thoughts

20121011 11:32 pm
Kent, United Kingdom

Springers are wonderful dogs! Full of fun, intelligence, wiggle and spring!

20130826 08:33 am
Greater Manchester, United Kingdom

My 2 Girls are Sisters and are 1 year old next week !
They are wiggly and springy with such separate personalities.
Ones an Angel and Ones Always getting in to trouble LOL .
They are the best of breeds

20130826 08:33 am
Greater Manchester, United Kingdom

My Girls Pip and Dot are sisters who are 1 year old next week .

They are wiggly and springy and can be very naughty when digging in the garden LOL but they are the best of dogs !!

20090723 01:23 pm
Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom

I grew up with Springer spaniels and my husband and I have had four ourselves over the 35 years we've been married. I would never have any other breed because they are so lovable - Ozzy especially, as he practically talks to us in his own way. Ozzy is a short eared working breed and there are times when he gives us a certain look or sits in a certain way that it's as if our sadly missed little friend Kashi is back in the room. Kashi was a working breed Springer and it's almost as if Ozzy has inherited his mannerisms, as at the end of the day, Ozzy came into our lives to take Kashi's place. All Springers have their little differences and that's why we love them.

20111009 09:34 pm
Greater London, United Kingdom

Lots of hard work and training... but the most pleasurable and fun dogs ever! Very very affectionate and energetic dogs. Helps you forget your problems.

20150430 01:48 pm
Berkshire, United Kingdom

My girls are sisters, Connie and Tess, now 2 years old. They are so very different in some ways, but very alike in others. Both want lots of play and lots of exercise, love to run and chase the ball on the common and are very sociable. Tess is a real foodie but Connie sometimes has to be persuaded to eat. Tess is big and bouncy and Connie is petite and dances a lot. We have now owned five ESSs and love their loyalty, intelligence, need to please and sense of fun which makes them easy to train either as working dogs or very goods family pets. They make sure I take an hours walk every day, so very good for me too!

20150214 09:39 am
Somerset, United Kingdom

My springer Tigger is 20 months old, my first one. He's such a lovable and loving boy, and very intelligent and easy to train (but suffers from 'selective deafness' when he wants to!). I just love him to bits !!

20141126 06:42 pm
United Kingdom

My springer (my 1st have had other breeds) Alfie is 6years old now and is a fantastic pal loveable, faithful, loyal,funny,tail doesn't stop wagging full body wag. loves to play catch, fetch, all day long if he could.very energetic, intelligent loves learning. Loves interactive games and can do puzzles quickly I don't need to show him he just does them. loves water especially muddy puddles. Tennis balls are favourite but loves all toys. Couldn't have a better dog one in a million love him to bits.

20160915 11:25 am
Cornwall, United Kingdom

We have a English Springer Spaniel well its my daughters really. We cant recommend them enough they are such lovely characters full of life and endless wiggly bottoms also great bed companions. Loyal loving and affectionate what more can you ask for. Our daughters is 10 months old and we have had no problems with training him in any shape or form. Simply the best!!

20170622 09:54 am
Norfolk, United Kingdom

Suzie our 2yr old spaniel is a cross show/worker and has a beautiful temperament, such a wonderful dog to own, the combination of both types of spaniel I would definitely recommend, Sally Woodard

20170418 01:43 pm
Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom

This is my Charlie 11 years old and NOT slowing down lol. Charlie is mixed Cocker/ Springa Rescued charlie from R.S.P.C.A got him 6months old. He deffo has A.D.H.D but would not have him any other way. Obsessed with a tennis ball, loves digging, could walk 10miles if I could keep going. Full of love, cant get enough cuddles and kisses, don't go many places with out him. He is my best friend I love him dearly my life would be empty with out him he is just amazing.


My girl is 6 years old the most pleasurable dog I've ever owned can be cheeky ex nosing down the bin, I rescued her and she is my life


Not my first dog, but first springer. What a bundle of joy he is! Ten years old with epilepsy and spondylosis, but to see him jump and bound you'd never know. Easiest dog to exercise because they do it all themselves, just give them a playground. You don't know what you're missing!


Yep do I MMMmmm the ''Little sht'' He is gorgeous tail wags all time , cant sit still , runs my Aussie out of his Mind , wears my Borz out, hunts with my cross Douge x Sharpe . then sleep's with my next to be 13 year old Great Dane/ English Mastiff and then is Liked to death by my 11 year old ''Coton De Tulear '' Happy Family Bless You all for reading x


My Oh My Goodness es his tail (though partly Dcked) Never ever stops waging ever, mmmmbi worried cos might effect his hips?

20160223 03:40 pm
Surrey, United Kingdom

We have a show type English Springer, he is slightly bigger and much calmer than his working cousins! A brilliant family pet, lots of energy for big walks and loves fetching balls and swimming. Very happy to settle down at home and rest for hours after his walk.

20180408 11:15 pm
West Midlands, United Kingdom

Milo is a Springer Spaniel 8 months old, he is my baby he is very adorable and spoilt, he gets on with any other dogs providing they are friendly otherwise he just comes and sits by me. He loves to please me and loves cuddles, love playing chase.

The downside to a Springer is they can be very disruptive if not occupied, they are very intelligent dogs and need plenty of exercise. I have had 5 Springers before Milo so i do no the good and bad about this breed, If you have the time and energy I would recommend this breed you will get so much out of the dog. Fantastic with children any age.

20151213 05:48 pm
West Midlands, United Kingdom

Perfect family dog, quiet,playful,affectionate.
Bought as a working dog she is now our very loving pet.

20140617 12:19 pm
Abertawe, United Kingdom

Lottie is my rescue springer spaniel who's a failed gundog that I had at 2yrs old she came as a foster and never left. Love her to bits but she is on the one hand frightened of noises and sudden movements indoors and then outdoors is a mental ball mad springer who can play and swim for hours. She is a total ball thief and needs alot of work and exercise, these dogs need long stimulating walks. She has the sweetest lovable nature and loves a cwtch aswell.

20100301 05:06 pm
Suffolk, United Kingdom

I have had dogs all my life but Harry is our first springer. Springers are an amazing breed, they are so affectionate, funny and very intelligent . Harry is so loyal and gets on really well with our two cats and also the grandchildren.

20141228 10:56 am
East Riding of Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Love my boy he is completely spoilt ..he thinks he is a working dog but he isn't but he naturally wants to flush pheasants and any birds . Wonderful funny happy character
Don't chose a springer though unless you love walking and exercise ..they need lots and lots of exercise X