With warmer weather predicted for the Easter weekend, there’s no better time to be enjoying the great outdoors with your dog.

When it comes to coastal adventures, the UK has so much to offer, with a variety of dog-friendly beaches spanning from Cornwall to Northern Scotland.

Whether you want vast sandy stretches, or more dramatic coastlines that take you off the beaten path, our list of top 10 UK beach walks offer something for everyone (and every dog).

1) Harlyn Bay Beach, Cornwall

Home to some of the best coastline in the world, Cornwall has a number of dog-friendly beaches, with Harlyn Bay being considered one of the best (and safest). With its wide, sandy stretches, rock pools and dunes, this beautiful bay is varied and striking - perfect for dog walkers wanting stunning views from the cliff tops and interesting shorelines for their dogs to explore.

2) Salcombe, South Devon

The coastal towns of Salcombe and East Portlemouth offer a number of pretty dog-friendly beaches, including Salcombe South Sands Beach and the East Portlemouth beaches of Fishermans Cove, Smalls Cove and Mill Bay. Set in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, there is much to see and do, with shallow rock pools perfect for paddling, and sandy coves to shelter you from sea winds and summer sunshine.

3) Hive Beach, Dorset

Offering over a mile of sandy shoreline, Hive Beach is found on Dorset’s Jurassic Coast and is overlooked by farmland and rugged cliffs. Follow this dog-friendly route which takes you right the way around to the East Devon Coast and let them enjoy getting their paws wet in the glistening surf.

4) Camber Sands, East Sussex

This unspoilt Sussex beach is one of the only in the area to have a sandy shoreline and stretches for almost 5 miles. With its picture-perfect views, Camber Sands is a must for all dog walkers, offering ample space for roaming and running and grassy sand dunes to excite the senses!

5) Old Hunstanton Beach, Norfolk

Described by many as the best beach in Norfolk, Old Hunstanton offers a wide expanse of sandy seafront which is the perfect backdrop for that summer adventure. With shallow waters ideal for splashing and paddling, and shaded dunes perfect for a picnic, your dog is guaranteed to have the best day out.

6) Embleton Beach, Northumberland

The gloriously wide beach of Embleton Bay stretches for miles on the horizon and is one of the cleanest and most unpopulated beaches in the UK. The rock pools add intrigue to this secluded spot and offer a point of interest for your pooch play in and explore. Visit at low tide to get the most of this stunning beachfront and enjoy the view of Dunstanburgh Castle, whose majestic ruins stand proud on the hillside.

7) Marloes Sands Beach, Pembrokeshire

A rugged coastline which all but disappears at high tide, Marloes Sands is a remote beach surrounded by cliffs. Your dog will enjoy a refreshing paddle in the crystal-clear waters and an off-lead run as the beach remains quiet for most of the year.

8) Balnakeil Beach, Durness, the Highlands

With its white sands, rolling grassy dunes and aqua-marine waters, Balnakeil could easily be mistaken for an oil painting. With stunning views at every turn, including a ruined church and graveyard which add drama to this remote setting, you and your dogs will blow away the cobwebs as you embark on a bracing stroll along this unforgettable coastline.

9) Huisinis Beach, North Harris

Enjoy this small slice of coastal perfection with your dog in tow, as Huisinis Beach offers everything you need for a blissful adventure this spring. Turquoise waters and grassy slopes can be found in a sheltered setting, which is ideal for a quiet picnic while your dog enjoys the golden sands and clear surf. Perfect if you want a more secluded stroll as Huisinis is usually empty, despite its obvious beauty.

10) Ballycastle Beach, County Antrim

A sand and shingle beach with rugged coastline, this is the perfect spot for a scenic dog walk. Extending 1.2km from the pier at Ballycastle Marina to the popular fishing spot of Pans Rocks, the generous beach offers stunning views of Rathlin Island and Fairhead and allows for unrestricted access year-round.

If you have any thoughts or comments to share, or suggestions for dog-friendly beaches in the UK, please post below for our other readers to see! Alternatively you can email me: [email protected]

Written by: Hannah