For cats that are nervous or fearful, life can be incredibly stressful. Whether its a noise phobia such as a fear of fireworks or thunderstorms, a fear of travelling, a fear of the vet, or even separation anxiety that's causing your cat to react, it can be difficult knowing what to do for the best. But there is help available, and often a combined approach is most effective.

Below we've listed our top-rated products this season, which we hope proves useful for your cat.

  1. SettleMe – our new and improved formula contains a blend of ingredients believed to be helpful in supporting calm behaviour and reducing anxiety, stress-related behaviours and over-activity, not only during fireworks and thunderstorms but during any stressful event. The chews are easy to give, with or without food, and can be given as ‘treats’ in the lead up to situations. For cats that struggle taking chews, we also have SettleMe Calming Support Liquid! Both can be used in conjunction with phermone-based and natural diffusers.
  2. Feliway – available as a room spray or diffuser, Feliway products contain a synthetic copy of the feline facial pheromone naturally given off by cats when they feel comfortable and secure. The diffuser provides a calming effect for up to 4 weeks.
  3. Pet Remedy – these natural calming products contain a blend of essential oils which work alongside the relaxation pathways in the brain to help calm the nerves of anxious and stressed pets. The diffuser provides calming for up to 8 weeks, while the spray can be used as and when needed.
  4. YuCalm – this all-natural supplement containing scientifically proven ingredients, supports calm behaviour, eases anxiety and helps reduce stress. It can be given daily to provide long-term calming support and is designed to be palatable.
  5. Zylkene – containing a natural product derived from the milk protein, casein, Zylkene is a popular product with vets and behaviourists as it helps pets to adapt to difficult or unpredictable situations where they’re likely to feel anxious or stressed. For easy administration, Zylkene capsules can be opened and the powder mixed into food.

If you’ve had any success with these products, we would love to hear from you! Comment below to share with our other readers or email me directly: [email protected]

Written by: Hannah