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SettleMe™ Calming Support Liquid For Cats & Dogs

SettleMe™ Calming Support Liquid For Cats & Dogs
120ml Bottle

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Not all pets will easily take a chew, such as pets with dental issues or felines with a particularly fussy palate, so we launched SettleMe™ Calming Support Liquid with this in mind.

It contains a concentrated blend of ingredients believed to be helpful in supporting calm behaviour and in reducing anxiety, stress-related behaviours and over-activity.

SettleMe™ Calming Support Liquid is intended to provide support and help your pet cope better during stressful events such as:

  • Vet, cattery/kennel or groomer visits

  • Fireworks, thunderstorms and noise phobias

  • Parties and visitors

  • Travelling

  • Introducing a new pet or family member

  • Separation anxiety

The tasty salmon flavour and addition of catnip extract makes it a favourite among both cats and dogs, so it’s easy to feed either directly from the enclosed measure dropper or added to food.

Directions for use:

Shake well before use. Give 2ml per 10kg twice a day with meals during times of stress, and 1ml per 10kg twice a day for maintenance using the enclosed measure dropper. For example:

Weight At times of stress Maintenance
Dogs & Cats <5kg 1 ml twice daily 0.5ml twice daily
Dogs & Cats 5 - 10kg 2ml twice daily 1ml twice daily
Dogs 10 - 20kg 4ml twice daily 2ml twice daily
Dogs 20 - 30kg 6ml twice daily 3ml twice daily

Occasionally, product build up may occur at the end of the measure dropper, if this happens, repeatedly squeeze the bulb fully until dislodged, or soak in warm water.

SettleMe™ Calming Support Liquid is a complementary feed supplement designed to aid in the management of anxious cats and dogs.

Composition per 2ml:

L-Tryptophan 75mg, L-Theanine 25mg, Ashwagandha Extract (Withania Somnifera) 25mg, Catnip Extract (Nepata Cataria) 25mg, Valerian Root Extract (Valerian Officinalis) 25mg, Calcium (As Aspartate) 5mg, Magnesium (As Aspartate) 5mg


Water, Fructose, Glycerine, L-Tryptophan, Salmon Flavouring (3%), Citric Acid, L-Theanine, Calcium Aspartate, Magnesium Aspartate, Valerian Root Extract, Ashwagandha Extract, Potassium Sorbate, Catnip Extract, Xanthan Gum.

Nutritional Additives: L-Tryptophan, L-Theanine, Calcium Aspartate, Magnesium Aspartate, Valerian Root Extract.

Sensory Additives: Salmon Flavour (3%)

Technological Additives: Citric Acid, Potassium Sorbate, Xanthan Gum.

Analytical Constituents: Carbohydrate 34%, Protein 16%, Fat 7.7%, Fibre 3.1%, Moisture 38.4%, Ash 0.8%.

Further information:

SettleMe™ Calming Support Liquid is a complementary feed supplement for cats and dogs. For oral use only. For animal use only. Consult your veterinary surgeon before using this product if your pet is currently taking CNS depressants, hepatotoxic drugs or for use prior to anesthesia. Keep out of reach of children and animals. If more than the recommended amount is consumed, monitor for signs of digestive upset. In the rare case of an adverse reaction being noticed, cease feeding and seek veterinary advice if symptoms do not improve.

Do not use if seal is broken or missing. Store in a cool, dry place.

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Q & A

Below are some recent questions we've received regarding SettleMe™ Calming Support Liquid For Cats & Dogs, including answers from our team.

11 October 2019 at 2:22pm


Ria Bowater

Would this be good for a dog with excessive barking I dont want her to stop but at times it can get just a bit much especially when theres no reason she should be doing it

  • Brand Manager

Hi Ria,

This is a tough one to answer for sure, as you don't know what is causing it. This blog, 'Understanding excessive barking', written by my colleague, maybe be a useful place to start, and you can look at each of the main reasons to see if they might apply to your dog.

In some cases, barking can become a habit that is particularly annoying for owners. For example, I have a terrier who, when let out of the back door at the same time as my other dog, will race into the garden and bark constantly.

If I make him wait 5-10 seconds, and let him out after the other dog, he doesn't bark at all. It's definitely partly down to excitement but it has become a habit, so I know to let him out after a pause so he doesn't wake neighbours up at night! Just wish my partner would remember the rule...

If overexcitement or anxiety could be the cause, then a supplement like SettleMe could be useful in helping her to feel calmer, or to not overreact to whatever has set her off. Together with some extra training that rewards quiet, calm behaviour, hopefully you'll be able to resolve times when she gets too much.

Do let me know how you get on!

Kind regards,


11 July 2019 at 2:44am

Anxiety in dogs

Angela Power

  • VioVet customer since 2018
  • From: , United Kingdom

I got an adult male chow chow with severe anxiety problems when placed in kennel on ship beside car deck and with the noise of the car alarms when ship is in motion and ships car deck doors closing my poor dog wets and soils himself with the severity of his anxiety What can I give him to stay calm during such events which is of liquid form as I find it impossible to give him anything in tablet form even crushed and in his food he will not take it as he knows something tastes different.

  • Website Content Developer

Hi Angela,

That sounds very distressing for you as well as your poor dog. With extreme distress like this, desensitisation training which I'd normally recommend for things like firework fear more difficult, but it could be worth a try, along with some supplements and sprays I'll mention. If these don't work though, it might be that you'll have to speak to your vet.

Leading up to the travel, and on the day, I'd recommend using a product like SettleMe Liquid. This is a salmon flavoured liquid that can be mixed into food or given straight to him if he really likes it. It contains a blend of ingredients that help dogs to have a calmer mindset, and help to reduce the fear reaction. I'd recommend giving him 6ml twice a day for the week leading up to travel, and again on the day.

You can combine the liquid supplement with an Adaptil collar which contains the dog appeasing pheromone, and also a natural spray like Pet Remedy Spray to give him all round support. Adaptil do have a spray, but if you were to use the Pet Remedy, you would be providing different ingredients that support him in different ways in each of the products (liquid, collar and spray).

The collar needs to be worn close to his skin, so his body heat activates the release of the pheromone (you may need to pary his long fur to get it close tot he skin). The collar needs replacing every 4 weeks.

The spray you can apply to his bedding or blanket, crate, or something he could wear like a bandana if it doesn't cover the other collar.

In terms of desensitisation, you could find a playlist of similar noises he will experience on the ship. Start with the very low so he can barely hear them, and over the course of a few weeks, increase the duration that you play them, and also the volume, which will let him slowly get used to the noises while being in a safe environment. You won't be able to recreate the smells and atmosphere but at least he will get used to the noises. On the days you play the noises, you can use any of the products mentioned above to help him feel calmer and have a better mindset for the training. The SettleMe Liquid or Pet Remedy Spray will be perfect for use as and when you need them.

If he will be traveling in his own crate and it can be put in the kennel, then using this crate at home as his 'safe space' to relax should also help, as he will be in a familiar bed with his own smells. Help him to associate lying in his crate with positive things such as you sitting with him, giving him a fuss, and the odd treat or game with his toys.

It will take some time to help him through this but if you travel a lot and have the time to spend preparing him, it will be worth it to reduce his distress to a level where he can travel comfortably. If you really struggle, then visiting a vet to see if they can prescribe something would be the next step. Please do get in touch if you have any questions about the products mentioned! I'll keep my fingers crossed for him!

Kind regards,