When it comes to winter, it can be difficult finding positive things to say about the season (except for Christmas, of course). The days are shorter, the weather is cold, wet and unpleasant, and it can make some of the activities we love doing with our pets that much harder to do.

But even so, winter does deliver some positives, and it’s worth reminding ourselves of them when it’s pouring with rain and dark by 4pm. We’d love to hear what you love about winter with your pets, so comment below and let us know! Here are our ‘top 5 winter loves’:

  • Crisp, sunny morning strolls – it might be chilly out but there’s no greater feeling than a bracing stroll in cosy coats, taking in the sun and snowflakes, before returning to a warm house for a hot drink and a doze.
  • Warming your hands and feet up on your pet – forget hot water bottles and slipper socks, snuggling up to your pet is all the added warmth you need.
  • Wearing new jackets, jumpers and thermals – who said winter walking gear couldn’t be stylish? For dogs that need a little extra insulation, there is so much selection nowadays when it comes to pet clothing, whether you want something weatherproof, reflective or simply cosy and cute.
  • Playing in the snow – we might not be a nation that receives a lot of snow, but when we do, there’s nothing better than playing outside with your pooch, making snow angels, sledging in the park, and generally just enjoying a landscape made white.
  • Seeing more of your cat – winter is a time when the weary wanderer returns and makes himself at home in front of the log fire. If your cat usually spends most of his life outside, then this is a lovely time of year for you as the shorter, colder days draw him in and see him spending more time with the family.

In conclusion, it’s not all doom and gloom in the winter months, and there’s plenty for you and your pets to look forward to. While it might mean less time spent outdoors, it means more quality time spent with everyone inside, whether you’re snuggling in front of the tv, playing games, or enjoying a roaring fire.

Written by: Hannah