Another new year arrives and christmas almost seems like an age ago, so now it is time to get back into the swing of things. As always you may notice new products and product ranges being added to VioVet, to provide our customers with a larger choice of high quality items for their pets. To start off the year we have a selection of Nerf Pet toys for you and your dog to play with. For felines we have added supplements and grooming products from Biogance, who are a recent company addition to our expanding brand catalogue. Net-Tex Equine have a new addition for horses this month with their Tastylyx Treats. For small animal owners we have added two new cages to try out from the popular manufacturer Ferplast. Last but not least, our Simple Solution range has been expanded with a number of cleaning and hygiene products which can help to keep you and your pet's living environment clean and fresh.

Nerf dog toys

The popular toy company Nerf originally produced a children's toy in 1969 and has been getting more popular ever since with their distinctive designs. We can now introduce Nerf Dog to VioVet as a fully licensed and Nerf-inspired brand which produces a selection of canine retrieval toys. The range consists of extremely durable toys using triple stitching, natural rubber and poly-cotton inners, optimized to allow long distance fetch, chase and catch games with your dog.

The Nerf Dog range ensures that no dog is left out, whatever each individual's favourite is. There is the Crunchable Squeak Checker round and rugby-shaped balls encased in rubber, with squeakers inside to keep play exciting. The Twister Tug has a durable rubber ball with tough elastic wound through, or you have the Trackshot Squeaker Tuff Tug which consists of a plush ball on a nylon rope. The TPR Float Flyer, Trackshot Toss & Tug Ring, and Rubber Flyer make frisbee throwing games easy and fun.

And that's not all, just take a look at all the other great Nerf Dog toys now available from VioVet.

Biogance Shampoos & Supplements

Biogance are a producer of cat, dog and small animal care products from France. Their formulations are made from organic and natural ingredients which respect pets and the environment. They offer the best natural care from each and every one of their products, which all contain no parabens, phenoxyethanol or animal oils.

Much of the Biogance range is now available from VioVet and includes a variety of care products that have been formulated to suit a wide range of cat requirements. Fleas Away Shampoo can be used if you are having trouble with and need to repel fleas, ticks and other parasites from your cat, while Long Coat Shampoo has been developed to work specifically on long haired breeds. Dark Black Shampoo suits the darker coloured cats, while My cat shampoo has a range of valuable additions to nourish and repair the cat's coat.

As well as a wide range of shampoo for cats, you can now supplement your cat's diet with various nutritional products, including Phytocare Vital Plus to help relieve muscles and facilitate recovery, Phytopet Slim Plus to help turn fat into energy and control appetite regulation, and Phytocare Kera Plus to provide relief from itching and improve the coat condition.

These are just a sample of the Biogance Range now available from VioVet, so why not have a look and see if there is something that can benefit your pet.

Net-Tex Tastylyx

Net-Tex is a company that has successfully been producing animal healthcare products for more than 30 years, and they have always been popular with our equine customers. The latest addition is Tastylyx Horse Treats which are naturally flavoured horse licks which can be used in the stable to reward your horse or alleviate boredom.

What is great about Tastylyx is you can place them in any standard holder and provide your horse with a source of Glucose syrup, Dextrose and plant extracts, in tasty Apple, Carrot and Mint flavours. You can also save on costs with the Gift Set which contains all 3 flavours.

Ferplast Small Animal Cages

Ferplast are an Italian company who manufacture innovative products to suit dog, cat and small animal owners. They have always been well received by our customers so it is great when we can add to the selection we offer. The two latest additions are small animal cages which are suited to hamsters and mice.

The Combi 1 Fun is made from all plastic with a selection of goodies included to ensure your small pet never gets bored. The Micky Large Mouse & Hamster Cage is the other new choice, which also comes with all you need to get your small pet going.

Simple Solution Stain & Odour Products

We have had a few Simple Solution products on the site for some time, but this last month has seen a sudden explosion of activity. We are happy to be able to supply the Simple Solution range of stain and odour products to help keep your pets and their environment clean and fresh, with little effort.

The new additions include Eco-Care Training Pads and Washable Travel Pads to help with moisture and odour control where ever it is required, Stain & Odour Remover which has been developed in separate formulations to suit either dogs or cats, and Hard Floor Stain & Odour Remover to help ensure your hard to clean surfaces are kept in great condition.

Whatever you need your cleaning product to help with around the house, the full Simple Solution range is here to help.

Here are the rest of the products recently made available from VioVet


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Written by: Adam