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Cat Shampoos

Cats are experts at grooming themselves and spend many happy moments keeping their fur clean and free from odour. However, there are times when your pet will benefit from a thorough wash with a quality cat shampoo. Long haired cats may sometimes need a bath if their fur becomes too oily, while any cat is capable of a messy mishap which requires a clean. At times, health considerations also necessitate a good wash with a more specialised shampoo.

Choosing the right cat shampoo is vital. Household shampoos or soaps (for humans) should never be used for washing cats as they can cause severe irritations. At a quality online pet store such as VioVet, a variety of cat shampoos can be found which are perfectly suited to your cat’s needs. Cleansing shampoos are formulated to keep the fur soft, shiny and free from odours. Hypoallergenic shampoos, meanwhile, are perfect for cats with sensitive skin.

For flea and tick treatment, specialised cat shampoo can be purchased from our online pet store. It is always a good idea to consult your vet about flea and tick treatments before selecting a shampoo. Professional advice is also readily available from our website. While your cat is highly unlikely to enjoy the bathing experience, trusted recommendations can certainly help make the event a more tolerable one.

Normally, your cat will not require regular washes. Indeed, frequent bathing is not recommended as it can irritate and remove vital natural oils from your cat’s skin. The health of your pet is of paramount importance to us; as such, all of our available products are of the highest quality as well as being great value for money. For your cat’s day-to-day health and well being, our cat scratch posts , cat climbers and cat mats will help keep your pet occupied and in tiptop condition.