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  • What dogs could benefit most from a raw diet? Image

    What dogs could benefit most from a raw diet?

    20 April 2020 Last updated: 26 January 2021 - By in All About Raw

    Aside from the general benefits that owners report when feeding their dog on raw which we have talked about here, such as fresher breath, a shinier, healthier coat and better digestion, while almost all dogs could thrive on a raw diet, there are some dogs that could particularly benefit from eating a raw diet, with especially positive reports from...

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  • Myths about feeding raw Image

    Myths about feeding raw

    20 April 2020 Last updated: 15 January 2021 - By in All About Raw

    As feeding raw is a relatively new concept when compared to the 150+ years that commercial wet and dry diets have been around, it comes with a healthy share of myths and misinformation that may put owners off giving it a try. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most common concerns when it comes to feeding raw to help you make an informed de...

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  • Top reasons you should try our VioBrands! Image

    As christmas approaches and you start to think about tightening the belt, you may be considering opting for an own brand product to save on the cost of your pet’s supplies. Shoppers are savvier than ever in this market, with it no longer being acceptable for an Own Brand product to simply be more affordable in comparison to bigger brands, but...

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