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Aniwell FiltaBac Antibacterial Cream

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Super-easily absorbed into the skin, FiltaBac Antibacterial is a protective and effective antibacterial sunblock cream, formulated to nourish and condition the skin whilst offering superb security against bacteria. Suitable for use on horses and dogs. (Not advised to be used on cats without veterinary supervision.)


  • FiltaBac®Cream acts as a totally natural second skin, has antibacterial properties,protecting skin cells as they return to normal (cells remain moist, can breathe and expel serum/fluid)
  • FiltaBac®Cream provides a barrier to the damaged area from environmental influences - rain, dirt or insects
  • FiltaBac®Cream also gives total sunblock protection to any white,finely haired or hair-less areas from sunburn
  • FiltaBac®Cream is specifically designed for use on large and small animals, your first aid option at home and in the field

Caution: white cats, in particular, may react to the anti-bacterial and zinc oxide in FiltaBac®Cream– please consult your VeterinaryProfessional.

When to use

  • Broken and Grazed Skin Areas
  • Bites from other animals
  • Cuts and Gashes
  • Girth Galls/Girth Rub/Saddle Pressure areas: Pressure must be relieved to allow damaged tissue to heal
  • Bit pressure and mouth damage: Swallowing and ingesting FiltaBac®Cream is harmless. Frequent applications are required
  • Fly bites and Insect worry/strike on damaged skin areas: Flies and insects are deterred by FiltaBac’s viscosity (stickiness)
  • Clipper rash
  • Irritated skin: inflamed, weeping areas from mange. FiltaBac®Cream will soothe the affected skin area
  • Mud Fever
  • Rain Scald - flaky & irritated skin: Gently remove the flaky skin from the body areas. FiltaBac®Cream should then be rubbed into the skin to protect against bacteria (anti-bacterial action)and soothe the irritation
  • Sun Block Protection
  • Sunburn: skin or from heat lamp exposure

Directions for use

  1. Cover the visibly damaged skin area with a reasonably thick coating of FiltaBac®Cream. This will naturally replace the lost skin
  2. Re-apply FiltaBac®Cream to the area for 2-3 days without removing the original cover
  3. After this period, gently remove the FiltaBac®Cream from the area by using warm water and a mild soap or dilute antiseptic solution
  4. Pat or air-dry (do not rub) and re-cover with FiltaBac®Cream. Hair will re-grow naturally on the area.NB: If suturing is likely to be delayed, a cover application of FiltaBac®Cream will protect the integrity of the wound and FiltaBac®Cream can remain in a wound that is sutured due to its non-reactive anti-bacterial qualities

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Questions & Answers for Aniwell FiltaBac Antibacterial Cream

Below are some recent questions we've received regarding Aniwell FiltaBac Antibacterial Cream, including answers from our team.

Ask Your Own Question

Open sore

28th Apr 2017

Can this cream be used to draw out dog has an open sore,which has puss coming from the moment it is being cleaned with hibiscrub and then covered with fuciderm cream

  • Veterinary Advisor

This cream won't necessarily draw out pus any better than Fuciderm. In fact I would stick with your current protocol of cleaning twice daily with dilute hibiscrub then applying the fuciderm. If there is a small hole or pocket you could use a syringe to help flush the pus out of the wound. Once the pus has stopped draining the wound should heal. If it continues discharging it would be a good idea for your vet to take a look since there may be a foreign body or something similar in the wound preventing it from healing.

Use near eyes

28th Jul 2016
Nicola Hayton
  • VioVet Customer Since: February 2015
  • From: Hampshire, United Kingdom

Is it safe to use around eye - swollen from insect bites above and below eye

  • Meds Supervisor

Good Morning,

Thank you for your question, Yes, ANIWELL FiltaBac will be quite safe to apply right up to the eye and on to hairless and non-pigmented skin. If it is to be used for sunburn protection, just maintaining a visible cover should be enough. However, if the skin is damaged and needs protection the ANIWELL FiltaBac should be applied in moderate thickness to maintain a "Natural Skin" cover. The underlying damaged area will be protected plus have the additional benefit of the anti-bacterial function

I do hope this helps, if you have any further enquiries do not hesitate to contact us.

Rabbit ?

24th Jul 2015

this maybe sound stupid but can this cream be used around a rabbits eye? he is a white rabbit with red eyes one of which seems to be sunburnt. would I be allowed to use this product for that ?

  • Non-Executive Director

It's not a stupid question at all. This cream would probably be fine to use. You should avoid getting any in the eyes and I would apply a small amount first to one eye, then wait until the next day just to check that there was not any sort of reaction to the cream. If all seems OK compared with the other eye (I expect it to be fine) then you should be able to use it.

Mouth cuts

10th Jul 2015

Will this be suitable to put on a cut caused by bit rubs please?

  • Non-Executive Director

Yes it should be fine to use this cream. Ideally you would not ride the horse at all until it is all healed.


10th Apr 2015
Helen Diamond
  • VioVet Customer Since: July 2013
  • From: Cumbria, United Kingdom

I have concerns regarding the toxicity of this ointment as it contains zinc oxide. I have read several articles including this on "Zinc oxide ointment may be toxic if regularly applied to and licked off the skin or if a dog chews on a tube of ointment. Severe toxicity is unlikely from single acute exposures to such ointments." If I were to apply it to my dogs paws every day, would there not a danger toxicity?

  • Non-Executive Director

This depends how long you do it for. If you apply it in normal amounts, such that the tube lasts for a couple of weeks or more, then it would be fine to use for this sort of period. If you applied it very generously and used it indefinitely, I feel that toxicity could be a concern. All things in moderation would be the appropriate comment I suppose. All of these things are found to be safe in normal use, but theoretically it can cause trouble if you do almost anything to great excess.

Interdigital furuncles (cysts).

10th Apr 2015
Helen Diamond
  • VioVet Customer Since: July 2013
  • From: Cumbria, United Kingdom

My dog keeps getting interdigital furuncles (cysts). Might this cream help prevent them if I applied it every day?

  • Non-Executive Director

This could be well worth trying. The condition you are concerned about can be caused by different things, so it is not possible to say for certain if it will be effective. However it should be safe to use and might well make a difference. I would probably try it.

Sweet itch

13th Oct 2014
linda paget

I have just got a pony on loan that suffers with sweet itch. on her face she has some rub marks and it has taken the hair off and made the shin sore. Would fila bac help to put on the sores on her face?? do it help with reducing itching in any way.

  • Non-Executive Director

Many skin conditions are actually a combination of an underlying allergic response, superficial self-trauma due to rubbing/damaging the skin, and then secondary bacterial infection of the damaged skin. Any of these components can be present to a varying extent in any individual case. All of them can contribute to further itchiness and continued infection. Treating any of them can in fact improve the overall appearance of the skin and speed up healing, depending on how bad the various factors are.

To ask if this cream will help with a particular case is therefore difficult to answer. The truth is it might well do, but you would have to try it to know. Chances are it will reduce any surface infection and probably soothe and to some extent protect the skin. The underlying original cause might not be affected, but then that original trigger might well sort out by itself in time. Usually it is perfectly safe to try this cream and it might well be very helpful.