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Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever originates from...

Believed to have been developed by Lord Tweedmouth in the late 1800s, the Golden Retriever has its roots in the Scottish Highlands where it was selectively bred for the purposes of hunting, tracking and retrieving upland game, as its name would suggest. By crossing the original flat-coated Retriever with the Tweed Water Spaniel - a breed that is now extinct - the Golden Retriever came into existence, possessing a versatility unmatched by any other canine breed. Despite the general belief in Lord Tweedmouth's claim to the Retriever, analysis of paintings, studbooks and related sources suggests that the breed was in existence long before the 1800s. Today, the modern Golden Retriever is widely considered one of the most popular breeds, not only as a companionable house dog but in obedience, service and therapy.

The Golden Retriever is characterised by...

Easily identifiable for its wavy golden coat, the Retriever is medium-sized with a straight muzzle, large brown eyes, feathering on ears, back of legs, underside of tail and front of neck. The dense, double-coat is common in colour variations of rich gold and cream. Due to its keen senses, gentle temperament and adaptability, the modern Golden Retriever is utilised in various services, including search and rescue, animal-assisted therapy, arson and drug detection and as a guide dog for the blind. As with all retrievers, the Golden Retriever loves water, whether in a pool, lake or the sea.

The average Golden Retriever...

Highly trainable, the breed is the ideal choice for the modern family or dedicated sole owner. Whilst a Golden Retriever might make a good watch dog, alerting its owner to the presence of a stranger, its capacity to guard is easily matched due to the breed's inherent love of people. Compatible with children and other domestic animals, the Golden Retriever is affectionate, loyal, obedient and fun-loving, making a great addition to any home setting. On average, a Golden Retriever will weigh 27-40 kg depending on its gender, with a life expectancy of 10-12 years when shown the appropriate care.

Because no breed is without its weakness...

Breed-specific health complaints include hip dysplasia, skin allergies and congenital eye defects. More serious ailments specific to the Retriever include von Willebrand's disease - a bleeding disorder, heart disease and cancer, with the Golden Retriever being particularly prone to developing mast-cell tumours. Procuring weight easily, the feeding of human foods is not encouraged for this breed as even the smallest amount of excess fat can lead to detrimental weight gain.

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Our Golden Retriever owners' thoughts

20131231 06:31 am
warwickshire, United Kingdom

I have owned 4 the latest is Callum who is larger than life and has a huge personality he enjoys singing and playing and he is very intelligent..

20090815 02:09 pm
Staffordshire, United Kingdom

Ronnie is our first family dog . She is very intelligent extremely friendly,she loves to play especially when it comes to water. Unfortunately Ronnie suffers from a skin complaint which is very dry and itchy. Without her medication she would be covered with open sores. This does not stop her being a very happy, crazy retriever who still loves to dig in the garden when we are not watching.

20130626 01:08 pm
South Yorkshire, United Kingdom

I've been owned by two beautiful funny beautiful bracken who sadly died two years ago from cancer of the spleen and my gorgeous super clever talisman or tal as we call him now three months away from being 13!hes still funny and active gentle and kind but def no guard dog!love them and what lovely photos x

20100326 02:17 pm
Somerset, United Kingdom

I have 2 big boys, Sam & Barney, 5 & 6 years. They are a delight and make us laugh every day. They adore water and especially MUDDY water so not dogs for the house proud. I would never have another breed. I absolutely love them to bits.

20150531 04:33 pm
Essex, United Kingdom

I have 2 golden Retrievers one 8 years and the other 19 weeks. One a rich dark golden and the other cream. They are beautiful, loving and very kind. I lost my last 2 goldens last year but they both lived to 14 years old. I cannot think of my life without them they are my children.

20160406 05:37 pm
Hampshire, United Kingdom

Brinkley is my world - I love him with all my heart and he is my soul mate. He absolutely loves people, including the vet, goes crazy for some fuss and attention, and has a naughty sense of humor. He needs regular exercise, and can't be left for long periods of time and loves eating, muddy puddles, rolling cow pat, and the sea!
Goldies need 100% commitment and if you don't have time to give that to them, I suggest you think again about getting one. The effort any owner puts in to raising their dog, will be paid back in spades with a happy, contented and well-adjusted dog.

20161221 07:54 pm
West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

I have two beautiful Goldies who are adorable and my world. They are completely different personalities my eldest is 11 and a princess my youngest is 3 and is a cheeky monkey.

20151106 01:05 pm
Essex, United Kingdom

I have owned, bred, shown this gorgeous breed since the mid 1970's they are in my opinion the perfect pet

20160801 06:41 am
Kent, United Kingdom

Our beautiful Bryn passed over (with help) in Nov. 2016 at the age of 17 years. He was my Best Friend - always a very smiley greeting, followed me everywhere, loved his food and his cuddles. Degenerative Myelopathy was the cause of our having to put him to sleep, along with arthritis, although even though he was immobile for many months before he died, he was still very happy and content despite having to be hauled outside with slings, etc. He was amazing. GR's are very stoic - they don't tell you when they're feeling unwell, so we watched him carefully. I miss having a GR in the house, but there's no 'replacement' for Bryn. He was my Special Boy. Perfect for families (Bryn loved children and horses), and just as wonderful for the single person who wants a faithful friend always by their side.

20160524 04:19 pm
Bedfordshire, United Kingdom

Heidi is our 3rd goldie, our other ones were Jasmine and a rescue we called Elsa, they're temperament is 2nd to none and they are the most adorable friendly family dogs. They adore children and just about anything and anyone, life is for living is there Moto and you can positively see a goldie always smiling, if you choose one you will be hooked for life

20180703 06:22 pm
Tyne and Wear, United Kingdom

Gorgeous they are gentle giants, very loyal and very child friendly, very intelligent, Molly is just a family pet not used for working, she loves water and her pedigree name is daydream SWIMSEEKER! Beautiful dogs only down side is Molly sheds twice a year and that's a lot of fur but she makes well worth while, very spoilt and very much lived pet, would definitely recommend as a family pet xx

20180926 12:18 pm
Greater Manchester, United Kingdom

Flokki is a very clever and active youngster at near two years old. Loves to be cuddled up with me on the sofa watching tv or dreaming. He just loves water anywhere including the smallest muddy puddles. He is funny and friendly to people and other dogs. He’s cream with a long silky flat coat. He needs lots of grooming and towelling so if you want an easy care dog this is not the easiest breed. Worth all the effort cause he makes us happy.

20150531 04:33 pm
Essex, United Kingdom

I have just welcomed my 3rd golden retriever pup in to our family. He is gorgeous but a little pickle. Definitely needs training. Very strong willed. So full of character and very handsome.

20180928 10:20 pm
United Kingdom

My boy has so much loving he loves nothing more than sitting on my knee ( I think he thinks he is a wee dog -:)
Loves water and just like the rest of the Goldies He loves to have a good Dig or roll in some lovely smelly mud!!
But saying all that I love every boy in his body ❤️🐶