Although there are plenty of things you need to think about when bringing a puppy home for the first time, one of the most important decisions you will make is what diet to feed your dog.

And while there are a number of high quality wet and dry dog foods currently on the market, if you want a happy healthy pet pooch it's worth looking into feeding them on the BARF diet.

This raw dog food diet is all about feeding your dog the food they evolved to eat, so mimics a feeding regime using raw foodstuffs sometimes enhanced with various supplements, such as herbage that a dog in the wild would pick up while eating.

Although this diet isn't suitable for every pup, it has a whole range of benefits that could make it a good option for your pet, so read on to see why an increasing number of dog owners are turning to BARF.

It's healthy

The main aim behind the BARF diet is to feed your dog properly, making sure they receive all the nutrients needed to help them lead a healthy, active life.

Because the raw dog food diet has been designed to be much closer to what our dogs' ancestors were used to eating, a number of pet nutrition experts agree that it is easier for pups to consume and digest.

And many dog owners will see the benefits of this almost right away. Canines on this diet often have cleaner teeth, better breath, a shiny coat and more energy, making for happier, healthier dogs.

It helps control weight

With pet obesity reaching almost epidemic proportions in the UK, controlling their dog's weight if often a major concern for owners.

But if fed properly, the BARF diet can help control weight gain in dogs, and many owners report that their pets have shed excess pounds and been able to maintain a steady healthy weight when eating in this way.

In addition, pets on this diet are often more energetic and active when out on their walks, which helps to ward off weight gain and keep them in good shape whatever their age.

It's affordable

With many commercial pet foods proving to be rather pricey, feeding your dog food that they enjoy as well as being good for them can get quite expensive.

However, the BARF diet is a remarkably cost-effective way to ensure your pet is receiving all the nutrients they need - and dogs love it too.

By ordering frozen dog food packaged in convenient single-serving portions you not only take all the hassle out of preparing your canine companion's meals, but you may well also find that this is a cheaper way of feeding your dog.

Here at Berriewood Pet Supplies, you can see that our frozen dog food is made using prime cuts of meat and that there are no fillers or additives added that could reduce the nutritional value.

It is also worth remembering that cats can benefit from the raw food diet, too. For felines the mix should include organ tissue and bones, along with selected supplements such as cod liver and probiotics or even fruit and vegetables.

Written by: Adam