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DUCK tries to imitate nature as closely as possible in developing a complete deep-frozen meal for dogs. Our natural food is suitable for pups, adult dogs, old dogs and working dogs. In traditional commercial foods, there are different types of food for different age categories, another type of food for active dogs, plus light meals and supplemented kibbles. This is crazy , because in nature our dog's ancestor, the wolf, did not have the choice between high protein deer, light boar or rabbits for puppies. And still, the answer is provided by nature, Not in the kind of food- we know that the food is the total prey - but in feeding behaviour. Until they are 4 months old, pups have priority when feeding. They can eat first, simply because they need more food. Not different food, more food! An old dog, or overweight dog does not need different food, but simply less! This is only valid for natural food and not for dry, canned or otherwise. It's a question of quality and discipline. DUCK increase your dog's resistance and gives it renewed energy and life force.

Duck Complete is whole food. You don't have to add anything. One of the main requirements of food is that your dog likes it. You will see that your dog is mad about the small and taste of DUCK Complete. Indeed, the smell and taste of fresh meat are irreplaceable. DUCK Complete is user friendly. Our one kilo packs are divided into easy 100 gram portions. This enables you to take out the right amount very easily. DUCK Complete suits every dog. Small and big, young and old can eat the same. DUCK Complete does contain beef, lamb, poultry and meat that have been approved for human consumption.DUCK contains a blend of meat, offal, cartilage and cereal. DUCK Complete does not contain any preservatives, colouring agents or taste enhancers. In traditional commercial food, these products are responsible for stomach and intestine problems, allergies, skin problems and behavioural problems. DUCK contains natural meat juices. As a result your dog does not need to drink litres of water every day and the risk of gastric torsion is reduced. All ingredients are processed without being heated first, except cereals, which are first germinated. This is a huge advantage, because when raw materials are heated, enzymes are killed, vitamins are neutralised and fat is saturated. DUCK is highly digestive and thus guarantees limited compact excrements. DUCK Complete reduces the production of plaque. DUCK Complete reduces the risk of torsion of the stomach. Each cases contains 8 x 1Kg packets. Each Pack has 10 x 100g slices. Cases dimensions are 39cm x 13cm x 18cm.


1. DUCK natural raw food respects the rules of nature. We don’t add any chemical additives.

2. The meat and offal aren’t heated, so the proteins stay intact.

3. We only use meat and offal from animals that are suitable for human consumption. Most importantly, we freeze the raw meat immediately after slaughter and it remains frozen during processing. So optimum quality is preserved.

4. Carbohydrates are provided from unlocked grains, seeds and/or vegetables.

5. We only use fresh, ground bones. From that, your dog will get what he needs to maintain the phosphorus/calcium balance. He will either convert the rest into energy or it will be eliminated during excretion.

6. Easy to portion, providing precise portion control for small dogs, and tasty experience for large dogs, keeping each meal fresh.


You should feel the ribs of your dog, but not see them. This way your dog is at its ideal weight.
As a dietary guideline you consider the age, activity level and body weight of your dog


As general rule, you can give adult dog 2% to 3% of his ideal body weight per day, thats for medium and large dogs, divided into two meals.
Small dogs may receive 3% to 5% of their ideal body weight per day, divided over two meals.


A puppy’s first few months are all about rapid growth, so making sure they have enough food is critical, you may give up to 10% of the current body weight, divide the portion over 4 to 5 meals per day.


Puppies will grow quickly between 4 and 8 months but can also become fat if overfed. Fat puppies, especially large breeds, have a predisposition toward orthopedic (or bone) problems, so although a fat puppy might be considered cute, it’s a health risk. We recommend feeding your Pup 6% of his ideal body weight at this stage divided over 3 meals per day.


Your pup has reached the point where twice daily feeding should generally suffice. From 8 months the nutritional need of your dog will decrease. We recommend feeding your Pup 4% of his ideal body weight at this stage divided over 2 or 3 meals per day. Gradually reduce the portions to obtain an adult portion within 4 months.


Never forget that, despite all the controls, DUCK is raw and untreated meat. Handle it in the same way you would the meat you prepare for your family. Use separate utensils to break up or mash the dog’s meat. Do not, for example, use the same unwashed fork to turn your own beef steak in the pan afterwards.

A dog’s digestive system can handle meat contaminated with salmonella, for example, but the human digestive system cannot. Dogs’ stomachs are more acidic than people’s, so they can break down salmonella easily. The risk of infection is much higher in humans. Obviously DUCK is tested for bacteria in an accredited external lab. Hygiene is a priority, not only in your home, but in our production! Contamination through poor hygiene must be avoided at all costs. By respecting the rules of good hygiene, you can avoid problems.

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45 Duck raw
Verified Purchase

By on 16 October 2021

My dog loves either the lamb and rice or excellent all ok

Customer recommends this product

55 Duck complete
Verified Purchase

By on 27 August 2021

This food ie excellent i have used it for over 7 years and all my dogs have thrived on it

Customer recommends this product

55 Duck duck go
Verified Purchase

By on 2 August 2021

Looks nice and fresh when defrosted

Customer recommends this product

15 Very disappointed ☹️
Verified Purchase

By on 25 July 2021

Not sure what has changed but the last two orders of Duck Complete Excellent have smelt absolutely disgusting and my puppy has not touched it… we have had to try a different range. Such a shame as previous to the last two orders, all has been fine, no awful smell and puppy has eaten the food. I would be grateful if this could be looked into as we would really like to return to this brand …

Customer does not recommend this product

35 Brilliant food shame about deliveries
Verified Purchase

By on 21 June 2021

Really good product especially for breeds with ‘dodgy’ tummy’s
Easily stored in freezer packets BUT be aware ordering this product is not easy, it sometimes arrives within days but more often a 2 week wait! Which makes loading your freezer almost impossible, I’m not sure if this is supply or the supplier but if you are going to get your dog onto this food you should consider this problem or you may like me spend hours trying to find suppliers on google.
Because of this can only give it a good rating rather than excellent which is a shame.

Customer does not recommend this product

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Q & A

Below are some recent questions we've received regarding DUCK Complete, including answers from our team.

30 November 2021 at 8:12am

Feeding amount

Hi how much duck complete should I give my 8 month bm ?

  • VioVet Staff

This varies depending on the weight of your pup.The advice for a dog of 8 months old is as follows:

Your pup has reached the point
where twice daily feeding should generally suffice. From 8 months the
nutritional need of your dog will decrease. We recommend feeding your
Pup 4% of his ideal body weight at this stage divided over 2 or 3 meals
per day. Gradually reduce the portions to obtain an adult portion within
4 months.

16 December 2020 at 4:56am

Recommended for puppy


We have a 8 week old King Charles spaniel puppy is there any flavour recommended for a young age or are all of them ok?

  • VioVet Staff

Any of the flavours will work well if fed according to the puppy feeding guidelines. If you know the flavour of the food your puppy has been on so far then I advise continuing that to avoid any major changes. For example go with the Beef flavour if your puppy has been fed beef based food so far.

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