Love it or hate it, car travel is something every pet will have to experience at some point in their lives, whether it’s for a dreaded trip to the vet, a holiday from home, or even a short outing to the park.

We’re careful to ensure our own safety when travelling in the car, so why should we be any less concerned about the safety of our cats and dogs? Don’t forget, it is also a legal requirement to have your pet restrained in the car at all times, so it should always be a priority.

More importantly - whatever your reasons for travelling or the length of your journey - if your pets aren’t properly restrained, they are at risk of serious injury, both to themselves and to you. To keep them safe and secure, there are lots of different products on the market, including:

Not all of these solutions though will provide the same level of protection, and some will be more effective than others. It is important to find what works for you, as all pets will have their preferences when it comes to how they are restrained during car travel.

Pet seatbelts allow a bit more freedom of movement, which is great for dogs that hate being crated, but they’re not entirely fail-safe and can occasionally come undone. Because they are less restraining, your pet is also going to be thrown around more in the seat, so you might find a specially adapted harness is more supportive.

Carriers and crates are suitable for some pets but not all, and are usually better for shorter journeys. If you’re travelling with a cat then a carrier is the best (and only safe) option. For pets that regularly get travel sick, a crate will help contain the mess, but on the other hand, it may cause more stress in the long-run.

Boot and luggage guards are a good option if you want your dog to be able to move around freely and comfortably, and if you have more than one dog to think about. While they will protect you in a collision as your dogs won’t be thrown forward, they won’t offer the same protection to your dogs, so some other form of restraint may be needed.

There are some very effective products out there, including the MP Bergamo Bracco Car Carrier, which can be divided in half to safely transport two pets, and the Dogit Cargo Carrier, which is designed for safe travel via plane, boat or car.

You can view our full range of car travel accessories here, but please get in touch if there is something specific you’re looking for.

Written by: Hannah