No one wants to plan for their dog getting hurt, but chances are they will at some point in their lives. Having a first aid kit to hand is essential, even if it just contains antiseptic cream and bandages. It is important to take this with you when you travel, as you never know when an accident will happen.

Of course, if your dog’s injuries are more serious, we would advise immediate veterinary attention. But if they’re minor and can be managed, we recommend having the following items available to you:

You can find a number of these items in the Hi-Travel First Aid Kit, which is perfect for dogs and cats. We also stock many of the items individually, including bandages, topical creams and treatments, and disposable gloves. If there’s something you need but can’t find, get in touch and we’ll help!

So before planning your holidays this summer, spare a thought for the worst case scenario and put together your first aid kit, leaving it somewhere close to hand for quick access.

Written by: Hannah