This new month comes with a selection of products which are now available direct from VioVet. House of Paws is a brand of quality toys and accessories for dogs which provide a stylish choice you may not have seen before. The ever popular Likit range of horse licks has been expanded to include some exciting new products for your horse to try this month, and for cats there are some new wet foods from Meowing Heads that are sure to keep your kitty satisfied. There is also a collar for your cat which has a "PLEASE DO NOT FEED ME" message to deter others from feeding your cat.

House of Paws

House of Paws is a brand which has just been made available and comes with a superb choice. What is great about the entire range is that each product is high quality and uses modern and stylish colour designs with the perfect material. Their dog toys are all plush animals which either come with a cord or tweed and sheepskin outer material. There are also a number or black and white patterned products which have been made to match and will look great dotted around the house. These include a Waterproof Deep Duvet, Melamine & Stainless Steel Bowls, Treat Jar, Pet Carrier as well as some matching toys.


Likit is a popular company which has been producing toys and treats for horses since 2002. Their salt lick products have always been a huge hit so it is great when we can get hold of their new products for our equine customers. The whole range of licks is produced in Scotland using only human grade raw materials, so you can be sure your horse is only getting the best.

The Paddock Likit is the first of our new items, which is a tub containing a broad spectrum vitamin and mineral supplement which is designed for a gradual intake so you can leave it out for your horse and not worry. The Likit Electro Bar is a convienient product which allows you to refresh your horse's body salts after heavy exercise. The size makes it great as you can just slip it in your pocket so it is ready whenever. The most popular items in the Likit range are the Likits and Little Likits, which fit into holders which can be used in all situations; this range has been expanded with some great new flavours including Blueberry, Caramel, Grass and Honey & Chamomile.

Meowing Heads

Meowing Heads has been producing all-natural, healthy foods since 2008 and they have never gone wrong when it comes to a well balanced, dry meal which is enjoyed by the eater. Well now you don't need to limit your puss to just dry food, with various wet recipes which have been produced to the same high standards as the crunchy diets. The Purr-nickety and Hey Good Looking dry foods now have a wet counterpart each, while the brand new Drumstix and Gone Fishing wet foods continue to expand an excellent range of pet food.


Whether you want to warn people about feeding your cat due to dietary problems or allergies, or you just think your cat is eating elsewhere, the PLEASE DO NOT FEED ME cat collar is ideal. The adjustable collar is made from nylon and has a plastic buckle which is easy to remove. The warning is in large letters to ensure people can see it easily.

Here are the other products recently made available from VioVet:


Brinicombe Equine GrowthXcell for HorsesBrinicombe Equine Ulcereze for HorsesWestgate Labs Worm Count Kit for HorsesAudevard Hoof Biotin for HorsesUSG Flexi Motion Body Protector


Chuckit Duck Diver Ball Dog ToyChuckit Boomerang Dog ToyChuckit Bumper Dog ToyChuckit Erratic Ball Dog ToyChuckit Whistler Balls

Chuckit Indoor Roller Dog ToyChuckit Indoor Ball Dog ToyChuckit Kick Fetch Dog ToyChuckit Fumble Fetch Dog ToyChuckit Ultra Ball Dog Toy

Permaguard Flea SprayWahl Self Cleaning Slicker Brush for DogsWahl Two Sided Brush for DogsBob Martin Flea Tablets for Dogs & CatsHurtta Lifeguard Padded Dog Collar


Seahorse Atlantic Kelp Care Sprinkles for Dogs & CatsWahl Grooming Glove for CatsBeaphar Plastic Flea Collar for CatsPlease Do Not Feed Me Cat CollarCatit Senses Water Fountain with Water Soft Filter


Hagen Elite Stingray Filter CartridgeHagen Elite Stingray Aquarium FilterBob Martin Home Flea Kill PowderExo Terra Floating Magnetic Turtle BankNature First Playstix Hammock

Written by: Adam