Many dog owners have decided to opt for the BARF diet, feeding their dogs bones and raw food in an attempt to mimic the food they would eat if they were wild animals. This is often one of the most nutritious options available when it comes to feeding your dog, but where do you start?

One of the first things you will need to find is an appropriate meat to give to your pet. Dogs do not have the discerning taste of humans and will essentially eat anything, but that does not mean you can be lazy when it comes to their diet. Just because they will eat something doesn't mean they should.

As such, when you are looking for meat to feed your dog as part of a BARF diet you need to choose carefully. You should choose meat that is fit for human consumption, as this will ensure your dog isn't eating anything that will be bad for them.

Most types of meat are fine. Everything from red meat to poultry and fish will be good enough for your dog as long as it is of a good quality. However, your dog will eat a few things that you might not be as keen on.

Organ meat is a very nutritious part of a good BARF diet, for example. About 15 per cent of your dog's food should be made up of organs such as heart, liver, kidneys or tripe. When it comes to the latter, buy proper green tripe rather than the bleached white tripe most supermarkets sell.

Try to make sure the meat is not too fatty. If it contains more than about 15 to 20 per cent fat, it might upset your dog's stomach.

If you aren't sure about any of this, you can buy premade BARF diet meat packs from a variety of retailers. You can guarantee that these will be safe and healthy for your dog, so opt for these if you are unsure about anything.

Written by: Hannah