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Petlife Welpi

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Welpi is nutritionally the next best thing to bitch's milk. Fed as a dietary supplement soon after pregnancy, Welpi can be administered to pregnant bitches to increase immunity, promote milk formation and improve general condition. Welpi can be used on undernourished and orphaned puppies to help them thrive. Welpi is also ideal for convalescence and ill health, containing the essential nutrients to promote general wellbeing and peak health. Mixed with water into a milk or sprinkled on food, Welpi is highly palatable and can be used long-term to promote digestion and prevent diseases and disorders linked to dietary deficiencies. Quality source of energy, proteins, minerals, vitamins and trace elements.

Welpi is the closest approximation to bitches milk. Feed as a dietary supplement soon after the onset of pregnancy. Resistance to disease is increased, milk formation encouraged and general condition improved. It is suitable for rearing puppies and orphaned ones from the first day onwards and should be used as a feed supplement. Fed during ill health and convalescence, Welpi will greatly assist in the return to normal health. It can be mixed as a milk or sprinkled on the food as a nutritional supplement. Fed daily throughout a dogs life, it will help digestion and prevent disorders through dietary deficiency. Concentrated in powder form, it contains easily digested animal proteins - a source of energy from fat and carbohydrates - together with a suitable combination of minerals, trace elements and vitamins. Available in 350g and 2kg containers.

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Questions & Answers for Petlife Welpi

Below are some recent questions we've received regarding Petlife Welpi, including answers from our team.

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Feeding Guideline

3rd Mar 2017
Kevin O'Brien
  • VioVet Customer Since: August 2014
  • From: Lancashire, United Kingdom

how much do you give to new born pups

  • Veterinary Advisor

The mixing rate of Welpi is 1 volume of powder to 2 volumes water. Once you have mixed up the liquid Welpi you can follow the feeding guidelines below:


Small & Miniature Breeds
Age Prepared liquid Welpi at recommended mixing rate Number of feeds per day Liquid Welpi per feed
Birth-7 days 12.5ml-25ml Every 2 hours / 10 times daily 1.25ml-2.5ml
8-14 days 20ml-40ml Every 3 hours / 8 times daily 2.5ml-5ml
15-21 days 30ml-45ml Every 3-4 hours / 6 times daily 5ml-7.5ml
22-28 days 50ml-75ml Every 4 hours / 5 times daily 10ml-15ml
Medium-Large Breeds
Birth-7 days 25ml-50ml Every 2 hours / 10 times daily 2.5ml-5ml
8-14 days 40ml-100ml Every 3 hours / 8 times daily 5ml-12.5ml
15-21 days 75ml-135ml Every 3-4 hours / 6 times daily 12.5ml-22.5ml
22-28 days 100ml-200ml Every 4 hours / 5 times daily 20ml-40ml

How much? How long?

30th Aug 2015

my puppy has been having two scoops of welpie each night. He is now 4 and a half months. Should I increase the amount or keep it to 2 scoops?

  • Non-Executive Director

At that age he should be coming off the Welpi and getting onto a more standard dog diet. I would actually be tempted to reduce the amount of Welpi. Giving extra large amounts of good nutrients does not always lead to a better overall diet. It is possible to have too much good food. Try to make sure that your main dog food is good quality, then I suggest you trust that and slowly switch over to it. Using Welpi long-term only makes sense if the main food you are offering is not very good.


16th Jun 2014
Julie Dowden

If I want to make 1 pint of milk, how much welpi powder do I use

  • Non-Executive Director

You need to add one volume of powder to two volumes of water. So if you want to end up with a pint, you should add one third of a pint of powder to two thirds of a pint of water. (You can often find a drinking glass of about this volume, then add one glass full of powder to 2 glasses full of water.) It is best to add the water gradually to the powder in a mixing bowl and stir it in well, then gradually add the rest of the water.