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Hills Pet Nutrition Science Plan Puppy Food

Hills Puppy Food is a unique formulation, created from a blend of high quality ingredients which have been specially combined to provide the correct amount of nutrients required by puppies for growth and development. Hills Science Plan provides an antioxidant formula to support optimum immune function, while containing a range of minerals and essential omega-3 oils to aid mobility.

Hills science plan is designed to be gentle on the digestion and can be fed to the puppy up to the age of 12 months. The range has been developed with the help of vets and scientists to ensure that the food provides the correct amount of nutrition and owners can choose from the dried or canned food or a combination of the two, with varieties for both small and large breed dogs.

Mixing the Hills puppy food with other brands is not recommended as this may cause unnecessary weight gain and reduce the nutritional effectiveness of Hills. Hills puppy food is devised to provide the correct ratios of nutrients, as too much of one can be almost as problematic as not enough.

The Hills puppy food range can also be fed to pregnant and nursing dogs, to ensure they are passing on the correct nutrients to their puppies.