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Hill's Brand

Hills Pet Nutrition Science Plan Dog Food

Hill's Science Plan is a premium quality diet created from a blend of top quality, digestible ingredients. The range of foods combine a balance of nutrients for a complete diet and are available in varying pack sizes for convenience, as well as assorted kibble sizes to suit the age of your dog. Hill's Science Plan provides an antioxidant formulation that supports optimum immune function, therefore helping your dog to resist illness and infection. The diets are specially tailored to a range of health needs and can benefit dogs with weight management problems, liver, kidney and heart-related illness.

While it might be a high-end diet in terms of its price, it will probably be more economical for you in long run as your dog will need to consume less of it (compared to consuming a cheaper alternative). To learn more about this, read the related blog.

- Puppy food is for dogs less than 1 year old

- Adult food is for dogs 1 to 6 years old

- Mature Adult/Senior 7+ is for dog 7 years and above

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