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Battles Magnesium Sulphate (Epsom Salts) for Horses

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Battles Magnesium Sulphate (also known as Epsom Salts) has a wide range of uses in the equine industry including to prevent obesity, laminitis, poor general condition, over-excitedness, nervousness and muscle tremors. Suitable for all-round veterinary use, this concentrated salt is a quality source of Magnesium also widely used as a laxative.

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Pony with gastric ulcers

15th Dec 2015
Laila Carruthers
  • VioVet Customer Since: October 2015
  • From: Cumbria, United Kingdom

I currently give my daughters pony Acid Ease to help keep his ulcers at bay, would the magnesium help to keep the stress away as I feel this is the root of why he gets ulcers. he is a very sensitive pony and change can set him off I feel if he is stress-free the ulcers won't happen. I just don't know what to try next without upsetting his tummy. I have had him on the Peptozol paste and it works but I really can't afford to have the pony on it permanently. many thanks in advance

  • Non-Executive Director

Some nervous, excitable horses do seem to be better when given a magnesium supplement, so this product could be worth trying in your horse. I do not think it will have any direct effect on ulcers affecting the stomach lining, but if your theory about stress is correct at all, then it might help indirectly. Personally I would not be confident it will work like that but it is unlikely to cause any trouble. I would be tempted to try something like Protexin Acid Ease as this is more likely to help overall.


19th Feb 2014

Have just purchased magnesium sulphate what is the quantity it is fed at please as no instructions

  • Non-Executive Director

One large tablespoonful per day is OK. If you give much more than this it can start to act as a laxative. The maximum amount would be one tablespoon per 100kg bodyweight.