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Barking Heads Fusspot Dog Food

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Barking Heads "Fusspot" is a tailored diet for dogs with fussier appetites and sensitive digestions, combining nutritious and delicious salmon and potato. The food contains purely natural and hypoallergenic ingredients to aid in the digestive process and prevent stomach and gut discomfort. Such ingredients are combined in limited amounts and do not include rice, which is known to exacerbate sensitivities. The high salmon content and the specially blended amount of potato will nourish and protect your dog from the inside out, whilst the highly palatable recipe will suit even the fussiest appetites!

Now available is Fusspot wet food which contains fresh Atlantic salmon, vegetables & herbs, gently steamed to capture all the delicious flavours. Also grain free, this complete wet food has Salmon, Potato, Carrots, Peas, Sunflower oil, Salmon oil, Tomato, Seaweed & Basil. There are no artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives, and no GM ingredients.

Feeding Guidelines

Barking Heads "Fusspot" is a nutritious and delicious diet formulated for dogs with selective appetites. Its carefully chosen ingredients are easy on the stomach and keep discomfort at bay. The food is now available in dry and wet varieties to cater to all preferences. For more information, please get in contact.

The following table is a guide to feeding Barking Heads Fusspot. All dogs are unique and other factors such as age, activity levels, growth spurts can have an effect on their nutritional needs. Please check with your vet that you dog is at their correct healthy weight. Although your dog may want to devour the whole bag we recommend that your introduce any new food gradually, replacing 25% of their existing food every day until they are eating 100% Barking Heads.

Always ensure there is a fresh bowl of water available at all times.

Daily Suggested feeding amounts for Barking Heads Fusspot


Weight of dog Amount per day (grams)
5 - 10kg 70 - 140
10 - 20kg 140 - 250
20 - 30kg 250 - 350
30 - 40kg 350 - 440
40kg+ 440


Weight of dog

Fed on its own Fed as a topper with dry food

up to 3kg

1 tray

as desired up to ¼ tray


2 trays

as desired up to ½ tray


3 trays

as desired up to 1 trays


4 trays

as desired up to 1 ½ trays

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Ingredients List

Boneless Fresh Salmon (26%), Dried Potato, Dried Salmon (14%), Pea Starch, Oats, Salmon Oil (5%), Sunflower Oil, Sweet Potato, Natural Flavours, Seaweed, Tomato, Salmon Stock (1.5%), Glucosamine (350mg/kg), MSM (350mg/kg), Chondroitin (240mg/kg)

Ingredient Analysis

Crude Protein (22%), Fat Content (16%), Inorganic Matter (6.5%), Crude Fibre (3%), Moisture (8%), Omega-6 (3.6%), Omega-3 (2.1%), Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate (514mg), Manganous Sulphate Monohydrate (101mg), Cupric Sulphate Pentahydrate (37mg), Calcium Iodate Anhydrous (4.55mg), Sodium Selenite (0.51mg), Ferrous Sulphate Monohydrate (617mg), Vitamin A (16,650Iu), Vitamin D3 (1,480Iu), Vitamin E (460Iu)

Dry weight nutrients

Protein 23.9%
Fat 17.4%
Carbs 47.8%
Fibre 3.3%
Ash 7.6%

Colour Key

  • High quality and healthy
  • Lots of beneficial nutrients
  • Some benefits
  • Nutritionally adequate
  • Not likely to cause any problems
  • Vague description
  • Little to no nutritional benefit
  • Potentially controversial

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