Barking Heads

Barking Heads dog food is all additive free with mouth-watering recipes and carefully selected, natural ingredients. The philosophy of Barking heads is that as we are all more careful about what we eat, why should we not apply the same principles to what we feed our pets?

All Barking Heads products contain wholly natural ingredients that are free from flavour enhancers, preservatives, colours, chemical additives and GM products. The ingredients are of the highest quality and have been selected to achieve the best nutritious balance for your canine friends. The product packages also come with easy to understand information for our customers to read.

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Barking Heads is one of the best dog foods on the market and contains no fillers. Barking Heads uses dried meat, not wet meat meal. Unlike the majority of companies who use meat meal which is off cuts, internal organs and slaughterhouse by products: Barking Heads uses human grade cuts of meat in its products. The benefit of the use of dried meat is that the meat weight is without water, think of the difference between weighing a wet sponge and a dry sponge! You are not paying for the water and your dog is getting a far higher meat content.

Barking Heads is a "natural pet food" and unlike many pet foods on the market, it does not fill the food with unnecessary colorings and additives, just like in children excessive colorings can cause behavioural problems in dogs.

Although Barking Heads first appears slightly more expensive per bag then some dog foods on the market, feeding a quality dog food such as Barking Heads will mean you will find yourself having to feed your dog less food per day, as the nutritional quality per kibble is so much higher. This means that the "price per meal" is comparable with other dog food brands.

Barking Heads is trusted by some of the countries top dog breeders and animal charities, as their food of choice, for your dogs ultimate health, nutrition, coat and behavioural needs.

If you want the best possible food for your dog, look no further then Barking Heads!