Wonky the dog on the road to recovery

Tuesday, 26th February 2013

A puppy with a rare physical disability has been named Wonky by staff at the animal shelter where she is being cared for, due to the fact that her legs are not entirely straight.

Fortunately, the ten-week-old Staffordshire bull terrier cross is now recovering after receiving physiotherapy for the condition, which had left her front feet pointing inwards as the tendons in her legs were not long enough.

Staff at the Leeds Dogs Trust have been caring for Wonky since she was found abandoned in Bradford on February 7th, the BBC reports.

In order to correct the problem, Wonky is currently receiving treatment 30 times a day, and Amanda Sands of the trust insists that "with love and care her legs will improve and she will get a new lease of life".

Prospective pet owners should be aware that while it may seem like less hassle to adopt a healthy animal, caring for a special needs pet can be extremely rewarding, and will certainly help to make a huge different to an animal's life.