Shiba Inu wins Crufts Factor

Monday, 12th March 2012

A Shiba Inu may well be being spoiled with dog food treats and pet toys after winning the first ever Crufts Factor Competition.

Organisers of Crufts invited people to submit videos of their talented dogs performing tricks. The finalists were then voted for by over 1,000 people at the event in the NEC Arena on Saturday (March 10th).

Elee, the Shiba Ini, is from Richmond and she performed on stage with her owner Delphine Lamalle. They danced, did tricks and played the djembe drum.

Ms Lamalle said: "I am delighted with the result, it was the first competition we have done and she did so well. It was amazing to perform in the Arena in front of so many people."

The judging panel included Anna Webb, from The BBC Radio London's Barking at the Moon, a semi-finalist from Britain’s Got Talent and celebrity vet Marc Abraham.

Other finalists included two Dandie Dinmont Terriers who played football and hockey, and a Newfoundland who played the tambourine while pulling a cart and skateboarding.