Vet offers advice to plaster-eating dog

Tuesday, 24th July 2012

Dog chew toys could help to stop a dog eating the plaster from the walls of her owner's house, a vet has said.

Pete Wedderburn, writing for the Daily Telegraph, said that this behaviour could be a result of a number of things, and that it can be difficult to stop.

He suggested that the dog may like the taste of the plaster, there could be rodents scurrying around in the walls or, in rare cases, it could be a medical problem.

The vet wrote: "Rarely, there can be medical issues, such as hormonal disease or early senility causing bizarre appetites: you should talk to your vet to rule these out.

"You should ensure that she has plenty of 'good' chewing opportunities (such as a variety of chew toys and deep-frozen food-stuffed Kong toys) to keep her jaws occupied."

Dr Wedderburn added that in the meantime, the owner can keep the dog in another room or confine her to a mesh wire dog crate. If these tips do not work, he suggested seeing a pet behaviourist.