'Use pet shampoo' on animals

Thursday, 27th January 2011

Allergy sufferers have been advised to wash their animal with pet shampoo in order to combat the development of their condition.

An article on the Everyday Health website revealed that all animals, regardless of whether they have fur or not, can promote an allergic reaction as glands in their skin
are responsible for secreting allergens in the air.

However, there are a number of steps owners can take if they are allergic to their pets, including regular bathing.

It said: "Weekly baths for your pet can reduce the level of allergens on the fur by as much as 84 per cent. Check with your veterinarian for pet shampoo recommendations."

Dr Clifford Bassett, a New York-based allergist, claimed allergy shots can improve allergy symptoms in around 80 per cent of cases.

Figures from the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology revealed that ten per cent of US residents are allergic to dogs and cats.