Snow joke: Meet the UK’s arctic dog sleigh driver

Friday, 28th December 2012

It may be fun to ride on a one horse open sleigh, but one mother from Leicestershire has upped the stakes by forming her own canine sleigh troop, pulled by her very own pack of 12 Canadian Eskimo dogs.

Animal management graduate Rachael Bailey has her pets perfectly trained to obey her every order, as she speeds around Hicks Lodge park atop a specially-adapted engineless quad bike, drawn by the expert team of willing dogs.

Ms Bailey shares a three-bedroom house with all twelve of her pets and even has a permit to help members of the public train their own dogs to become sleigh runners, saying that just about any breed can be taught to do so, the Daily Express reports.

Keeping dogs active is key to making sure they stay healthy, whilst also improving their overall quality of life, and is something which too many owners tend to overlook.

While many dog keepers probably won’t be signing their pets up to any sleigh-pulling classes this Christmas, it may be an idea to invest in a new dog lead and collar, if only for showing in the park during walkies.