Rescue dog to help fight crime at Olympic Games

Thursday, 26th July 2012

A Springer Spaniel who was found as a stray a year ago has been given the task of fighting crime at the London Olympic Games.

Grouse, from the Blue Cross, will be used as an explosive detection dog at the Games after impressing officials at the Malpeet K9 Academy in South Wales.

Simon Mallin, managing director at Malpeet K9 Academy says: "I was delighted when Blue Cross contacted us. We travel all over the UK assessing potential dogs and we find many are not suitable for this kind of work.

"However after only a few minutes of playing with Grouse I knew he had exactly what I was looking for."

After an assessment, Grouse was put on a training course to learn how to search everywhere for explosives.

Mr Mallin said the training involves rewards of pet toys and going out for work is like a big game for the dogs used for this sort of work.

He added that explosive detection dogs do an "incredible" job of keeping the public safe.