Quarter of dogs 'thieves'

Wednesday, 30th March 2011

Millions of dogs across the UK are stealing from their owners, amounting to £33 million a year.

Research by Bakers Complete found that while the majority of pooches (74 per cent) steal underwear, one in ten (11 per cent) steal more expensive items such as cash and jewellery, the Metro reports.

Peter Neville, an animal behaviourist professor, revealed that dogs steal to encourage play with their owners.

To combat the issue, owners could consider investing in dog chew toys and kong dog toys so that they do not need to steal anymore.

Mr Neville told the news provider: "More often than not, staging these 'mini-heists' is a way for dogs to encourage family members to play with them and missing objects are quickly found."

Owners with thieving dogs may also want to spend more time walking them, as an expert recently revealed that it improves people's physical health.

Dr Matthew Reeves, from Michigan State University, told the Daily Mail that people who own dogs are more physically active than those who do not, even after accounting for the time spent walking their pooch.