Pet carrier is 'number one' travel accessory

Tuesday, 11th January 2011

Consumers should ensure they purchase a pet carrier before travelling on holiday, according to an expert.

Roberta Baxter, writing for, expressed her belief that safety is "imperative" when travelling with pets and a carrier can reduce any discomfort that animals may encounter.

She said: "A pet carrier should be the number one travel accessory even though sometimes your dog is not routinely confined in the car.

"Making sure you are in control of the pet from the time you leave home until the dog is permitted to have the collar connected to the leash is paramount."

Ms Baxter added that travel is a "foreign" experience for many pets and so they must be reassured by owners at regular intervals, while animals travelling unsecured are likely to develop motion sickness.

Furthermore, accessories such as chew toys should be considered as important as nappies to a child, according to Ms Baxter, and should be taken on all journeys.